Running to me means that with each step I take I am Alive!

I recently finished my 283rd marathon, my monumental 300th marathon is planned in December 2016. 18 marathons in the next 18 months!

CarolDellinger2My journey of running 300 marathons took a major turn 5 years ago when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. But right there and then, I decided that cancer picked the wrong women to mess with! I have finished 48 marathons in the last 5 years while going through 3 surgeries and treatment. That is amazing numbers for any runner, let alone battling breast cancer.

My running journey has taken on a whole new meaning now the last 5 years. Each marathon I finish puts that much more distance between myself and cancer.

I have met the most amazing people running 283 marathons. Each marathon I run I usually end up hooking up with another runner the same pace early on and end up finishing together. Just a few hours before, we were total strangers and now we have but all of our differences aside to share that one common goal to finish a marathon. I love that this happens every marathon.

Running has taught me to be both physically and mentally tough, and this was such an important key to surviving all my cancer treatment. I finished a marathon just 9 weeks after my mastectomy surgery and that was my way of showing that I can survive this cancer thing.

CarolDellinger3When I get tired during the late miles of a marathon, I just remember the journey that got me where I am right then and there and it makes me dig deep to finish the marathon.

My marathon finish times have slowed since breast cancer, I finish them around 6 hours now. But what the thousands of other runners that have finished before me do not realize is that it does not matter how fast  I finish because I run with heart and I have not been defeated!

I have a powerful quote that I live my life by….. You never know how strong you have to be until being strong is the only option.

I recently graduated out of my cancer treatment center and am now 100% cancer free. I am alive and I can’t wait to live the rest of my life and finish 300 marathons and beyond!!!

One thought on “Carol Dellinger – What Running Means To Me

  1. Amazing job! I don’t know how you could push through and run the marathons during treatment.
    Keep up the great work! Onward to # 300!!

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