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New Beverage-Inspired Flavors for Spring

Spring is here! To celebrate longer days and warmer temps, we're introducing two new beverage-inspired flavors to freshen up your nutrition stash — Cola me-happy Energy Gel and Salted Lime Energy Chews.


We're bringing Cola me-happy Energy Gel back to the masses by turning this aid station favorite into an Energy Gel! Get a refreshing lift during a hard effort with a flavor that perfectly balances sweet, spicy, and tangy notes. With 40mg of caffeine, it's the perfect addition to your run or ride… because bringing a 2-liter bottle of cola might weigh you down. You bring your legs, we'll #BringTheHappy!



Introducing a new way to Chew with Salted Lime Energy Chews! Give you taste buds an explosion of flavor with a balance of sweet, sour, and saltiness that will keep your mouth watering. With triple the sodium compared to our other flavors, it’s a perfect flavor for hot days, heavy sweaters, and anyone with a salt-tooth. #SaltTheLime

What to try both? Grab a mixed box with four of each new flavor!