Dirt in our teeth. That’s what Bobby likes to say after we’ve perfectly choreographed riding some sweet singletrack and have had so much fun it put grins on our faces that collected more dirt on our teeth than the grill of a car collects bugs.

Yesterday we rode just such a trail. Rude Rock, a purpose built roller coaster ribbon of dirt that falls off the slopes of Coronet Peak Ski Area and terminates 3.5 k  later in a pullout, is one of the best trails I’ve had the pleasure to ride. But I didn’t start the ride with a smile.

I hadn’t guided Bobby in two years, the last time being the Sea Otter XC course, and, to be totally honest, I was extremely  nervous about riding a completely unknown trial in the waning light of the day. It also didn’t help that when Bobby asked our host Mark Dickson what the trail was like, he replied,  “I have no idea what the track is like because I’ve never ridden it.”

After a serious grunt up a gravel service road, one that forced us to walk sections, we reached  a massive otago schist head stone trail sign where I had my first,of what I’m sure will be many, Hobbit moments.The view to the valley floor below was breath taking, and it wouldn’t have surprised me if Gandalf had stepped out of the tussock grass. With the light fading and temps dropping, Bobby and I quickly reviewed our ride commands/directions, took deep breaths and timidly pushed off.

After a few  stall outs, “oh shits” and some miscues on my part, Bobby and I got our riding flow on. And with that came ear to ear grins.

By the time the trail spit us out to where Mark was waiting with the truck, we had dirt in our teeth. As we pedaled over to the truck, Bobby humbly remarked that, “Every day I get up, I am thankful for the life I have and every day gives me the opportunity to push limits beyond limits, and show what we are capable of.” Amen to that Bobby. Here’s to getting some dirt in our teeth, whatever it is you choose to do.


One thought on “Dirt In Our Teeth

  1. So deeply touched by both Bobby and Yuri….the depth of trust and courage on Bobby’s part, and the depth of conviction on Yuri’s part that he can safely navigate through his voice down a new trail. BRAVO…you are both definitely living every day of your lives to the fullest!

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