The Endurance Lab

Making Better Athletes and Making Athletes Better

We are passionate about improving performance, and the GU Endurance Lab is our testing ground. We aim to discover how our bodies can grow and achieve more with optimized training and the right nutrition at the right time.

A Passion for Innovation

We know you are committed to achieving your best athletic self, and we are right there with you! That's why we've partnered with the Human Performance Lab at St. Mary's College to put our athletes to the test.

Examining the Bonk

Hitting the wall, bonking, running out of gas... there are many ways to describe that feeling when you just can't take another step (or pedal stroke). We went to the experts to discover what is actually happening to your body when you completely drain your energy stores, and, more importantly, we learned how to avoid the dreaded bonk during your next race.

What is VO2 Max

VO2 Max is one of the key performance indicators used by coaches to describe how well trained (or talented) an athlete really is. But what exactly is your VO2 Max and why is it important? We dove into this question to learn about this prized number, how to measure it, and how to adjust your training plan to increase it.

Lactate Threshold and Training

You've probably heard people reference their threshold (or tempo) pace when describing a hard effort over a long duration. Every athlete has a point at which their body's production of lactic acid out-paces their bodies’ ability to flush out lactic acid, and this is the definition of your lactate threshold. We explored why this is important during training efforts and how to structure hard training sessions to achieve the most benefit.

Peak Power

Endurance athletes think about endurance over the long-term more often than about peak power in a specific moment. But measuring your peak power can tell you a lot about how you can expect your body to handle surges and sprint finishes. We explored what peak power means for an endurance athlete and ways to improve it so you don’t get out-kicked at the line.

Training Adaptations

As endurance athletes, we make our bodies hurt. But what's it all for? The key to answering this question is understanding the physical adaptations our bodies undergo during training sessions. We asked how the hours we spend training and pushing our bodies to the limit actually lead to long-term changes bettering our athletic selves.

The Roctane Difference

Roctane is GU to a higher power. Roctane products are created for your most extreme efforts or long-duration activities. In order to perform at your highest potential, you need a boosted supply of certain essential nutrients that’s both portable and easy to digest.


Along with complex and simple carbohydrates that deliver immediate and lasting energy, Roctane Energy Gel and Roctane Energy Drink Mix also include a blend of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that help prevent mental fatigue and reduce muscle damage during activity. Beta alanine is the amino acid that helps buffer acidity levels in your muscles to prevent soreness and reduce muscle fatigue. Taurine is used to aid your heart contractility and cardio output during long exercise sessions.


Staying hydrated isn't just about drinking more water. Roctane Electrolyte Capsules help you supplement your electrolyte needs during long-duration activities in hot or humid conditions with sodium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, and ginger root powder to help prevent nausea. Maintaining your body's water balance with electrolytes and water is an easy way to make sure you are operating at full capacity


To make sure you are ready to hit it hard again tomorrow, you should start thinking about recovery before you even finish. Roctane BCAA Capsules can be taken during and after activity to help maintain mental clarity, prevent muscle tissue damage, and enhance muscle growth with a 4:1:1 ration of the essential amino acids (leucine, valine, and isoleucine).