Note from the editor: This update comes from Billy Edwards, a GU Energy Labs athlete, who is going the extra mile to be more than just a racer.We applaud his altruism.

On December 15, I took my endurance to a new level for a new reason.  I had decided in the fall to race the Seashore 50k in my hometown of Virginia Beach, VA, but along the way came up with an idea to raise money for Team4Mil. Team4Mil is a military based cycling team that races ultra cycling events with and for injured veterans. I have enjoyed my work with the team so much so that I wanted to gamble the strength of my legs on doing something good for the team. I thought of an idea to bridge my running community with my ultra cycling and charity work. What I dreamed up on a long solo run came to fruition when I was able to get folks to pledge around $150 dollars a mile for running miles after RACING the Seashore 50k. I felt that this was a worthy endeavor if I was forced to race the 50k. I did just that- ran a personal best of 3:35 on the flat but technical course and won for the second year in a row. After a short break to put on some 2XU compression gear, scuttle down a couple peanut butter GU gels, I took off to see how much I could run at $150 a mile. I ended up running twenty miles, the last two I did while pushing my two year-old daughter in the run-stroller. Once all the pledges turn into donations, I will have about $3000 to give to  Team4Mil and their work with injured veterans.

I have never done anything like this and for me it was not worth doing unless I was really working for it. Mission accomplished on many levels- from pushing my own limits, raising awareness for Team4Mil through my friends and sponsors, and finally, making a great monetary contribution to the organization. I thank all my sponsors who participated, friends who supported, and those who have donated or who might now be inclined to donate based on how I did go the extra mile (twenty, actually) for Team4Mil.


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