May 28, 2010, Berkeley, CA

GU Energy Labs, the originator of sports energy gel, is pleased to announce that the Greek Men’s National Soccer team will be using GU Energy Gels, Roctane Ultra Endurance gels and Brew Recovery drinks at this year’s World Cup in South Africa. The team has purchased product for both training and competition.

GU is no stranger to top Greek soccer: the country’s national club champion team (Panathinaikos FC) of the National Soccer League, used GU Energy Gels and GU Energy Chomps throughout this season. GU Energy gels and GU Energy Chomps were also the official energy products for last year’s champion team (Olympiakos FC) of the National Soccer League.

Greece joins the national team from Brazil in utilizing GU products in preparation for and during the duration of the upcoming World Cup.

“Soccer and other team sports are adopting high-performance nutrition with real velocity,” said GU President Brian Vaughan, “They, like our traditional endurance sports customers, are increasingly aware that high-performance nutrition is key to generating high-performance results on the biggest stage in world sports.”

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