May 6, 2010, Berkeley, CA

GU Energy Labs, the originator of sports energy gel, is pleased to announce that the world’s #1-ranked football team will be using GU Energy products for the upcoming World Cup.

Brazil has won the World Cup an unprecedented five times, and this year faces North Korea, Portugal and the Ivory Coast in Group G qualifying in Copa Mundial play starting June 11 in South Africa.

Led by world-renowned stars such as Ronaldinho and Kaka, the Brazilian footballers are known for their creative flair, huge level of fitness and relentless competitiveness.

Unlike partnerships with past and present sponsors like Kyocera and Volkswagen, the team’s use of GU product will not involve commercial considerations.

“We were thrilled to learn that Brazil’s soccer team will be using GU to fuel their run at the World Cup,” said GU President Brian Vaughan, “It is a superb example of a high-performance team using a high-performance product and continues our expansion into team sports.”

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