January 31, 2011, Berkeley, CA – GU Energy Labs, creator of the original performance energy gel, is proud to announce their role as Official Sports Drink Provider for Team Radio Shack. A perennial contender at cycling’s most prestigious events, including the Tour de France and Amgen Tour of California, Team Radio Shack has also chosen GU Energy as an Official Gel Supplier for their 2011 cycling campaign.

Team Radio Shack athletes will rely on GU Electrolyte Brew to fulfill their hydration needs during cycling’s most grueling events and Recovery Brew for rapid energy and muscle revitalization between competition. They will also be using GU’s newest product, GU Brew Electrolyte Tablets, to help balance their season-long electrolyte balance.

Team Radio Shack is loaded again this year, featuring Levi Leipheimer, a bronze medal winner at the Beijing Olympics and podium finisher in the 2007 Tour de France; Gregory Rast, the three-time national road champion and 2009 Tour de France team winner; and Andreas Kloden, the Tour de France runner-up in 2004 and 2006 and Bronze Medal winner in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

“There is a collective energy radiating through camp this preseason,” said team director Johan Bruyneel, “With the addition of a handful of dominant riders to an already impressive roster, Team Radio Shack is positioned for a historic year. We are fortunate to have GU as a partner. Their premium energy products are proven on the international stage and will be a valuable resource as we tackle the worlds’ most challenging events.”

Team Radio Shack kicks off the year on January 16th at the week-long Santos Tour Down Under in Adelaide, Australia, the first of 50 international events over 200 days of racing throughout 2011 for the team. The breadth of the schedule, including appearances at a variety of Europe’s most prestigious events, will offer valuable exposure for GU Energy, where the company has recently added distribution in Greece, the UK and Germany.

“We are proud to join forces with America’s most accomplished cycling outfit, Team Radio Shack,” said GU Energy President Brian Vaughan, “GU continuously strives to innovate and provide endurance athletes nutrition products that will help them compete at the highest level. Team Radio Shack shares a similar drive and progressive philosophy and we look forward to helping make 2011a year to remember.”

GU Brew proprietary blends provide an optimal balance of sodium, potassium, complex and simple carbs, and vital electrolytes to help athletes maintain peak performance levels during prolonged activity, while Recovery Brew offers a strategically formulated combination of whey protein isolate, amino acids, simple and complex carbs, and vitamin C and E to accelerate recuperation. GU Gel and Roctane are staples in the endurance athletes’ arsenal, boosting performance in sustained, high-intensity efforts through complex and simple carbs and amino acids to promote speedier recovery.

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