You’ve spent countless hours sweating, training, and working hard to get ready for the Leadville 100. You’ve made personal sacrifices in your quest to perform at your very best for this event. You’ve set goals for yourself, whether it’s a PR or to just make it to the finish line, that have propelled you to the place you are now: ready to race. So why leave your nutrition plan to chance?

We want to make sure you reach those goals, that you perform to the best of your abilities, so our Chief Endurance Officer, Brian Vaughn, has shared his personal nutrition plan to give you an idea of what it takes to fuel properly for an effort like the Leadville 100. Take a look at what this endurance racing veteran and product specialist has to share. Check out what Brian uses to fuel an effort like this, and get an idea of what nutrition might work for you and your unique physiological needs.  Consider it a nutritional road map, if you will, that will help you make choices and allow you to fuel to perform.


Let us know what you think of Brian’s nutrition plan and we’ll register you for a chance to win a Roctane prize pack. All comments must be received by the end of the race to be eligible for a chance to win the Roctane prize.

3 thoughts on “GU’s CEO maps out nutrition plan for Leadville

  1. Nice plan Brian and I hope it works for you as I will also be on a similar GU fueled plan with a similar finish time. Last year your Roctane products helped me to an 8:18 finish and I hope this year will be similar, or slightly faster. My target calories per hour is 280 and I plan on drinking all my nutrition. I use the Roctane drinks and add Roctane gels to get up to the 280 cal/hr.

    Good luck and have fun!
    Todd Murray

  2. Great job at Leadville Brian with another sub-9 hour finish. I did an 8:18 last year and was hoping to equal or better that time, but it didn’t happen for me as I ended with an 8:30. I used the GU products exclusively during the race and drank all my nutrition. I’m not sure why our times were not faster than last year, but a combination of things including the new trail in to Pipeline, the wind, and the huge number of riders all contributed I believe to slightly slower times for most people. Maybe next year we’ll both be faster!

    By the way, that was my 19th finish so next year I hope to get the really big, 2,000 mile buckle.
    Great job again on the big buckle finish!

    Todd Murray

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