Fluids to Fuel Performance

Staying properly hydrated by drinking about 20oz of fluids per hour is the easiest way to maximize your performance. When you are dehydrated, the flow of nutrients to your muscles slows and hurts your power output.

Replace what you lose. By drinking the right balance of electrolytes and water at the right time, your circulatory system is primed to effectively deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles throughout long or intense activities or races. 

Roctane Energy Drink Mix

What’s Inside
  • 250 calories per serving
  • 1900mg Amino Acids
  • 320 mg Sodium per serving
  • 35 mg caffeine per serving (caffeine free flavors available)
When we Drink
  • Long training sessions
  • High-intensity races
  • Ultra-distances races
How To Use

Roctane Energy Drink Mix is perfect for people that like to keep it simple because it functions as your all-in-one fuel and hydration source for long-duration or high-intensity efforts. (In fact, our VP of R&D Magda Boulet races 100-mile runs fueling exclusively with Roctane Energy Drink and water!) It has everything you need to fuel your muscles and hydrate your body during activity. Packed with amino acids to product muscles and boost recovery, it can also be used along with Gels, Chews, and other foods to top off your glycogen stores during activity.

Rebecca Rusch

Pro Mountain Biker

“For intense races where I’m on the rivet at a high output for most of the time, I use liquid calories from GU Roctane Energy Drink Mix, because the digestion and absorption are easier. It’s also much easier to drink calories than eat them when you are breathing hard.”

Hydration Drink Mix

What’s Inside
  • 70 calories per serving
  • 250 mg sodium per serving
When we Drink
  • Pre-hydration before activity
  • With Energy Gels/Chews during races
  • Sweaty training sessions
How we use

Hydration Drink Mix is our most versatile hydration option because it delivers a light energy boost and electrolytes for hydration. It won’t fill you up, but it will top you off before a mid-day gym session or during a short ride or run. During long-duration activities, this is a tasty way to get fluids and electrolytes, but we recommend bringing along some Energy Gels and Chews to keep your energy levels high.

Geoff Kabush

Three-Time Olympian

“For long workouts, I like to carry the handy Hydration Drink Mix single-serving pouches to refill my bottles at water stops. Being able to refill my water and easily add essential electrolytes really makes a difference.”

Hydration Drink Tabs

What’s Inside
  • 10 calories per serving
  • 320 mg sodium per serving
When we Drink
  • Replenish electrolytes before/during/after workouts
  • Great for traveling or athletes on-the-go
  • Add flavor to your water anytime!
How we Use

Hydration Drink Tabs are the most convenient way to boost your water because they’re portable, tasty, and are packed with electrolytes. We add these to our plain water any time of day. With only 10 calories per tab, they’re a delicious way to keep the fluids flowing without filling you up.

Mikaela Kofmann

Pro Mountain Biker

“Water gets boring and just doesn’t do the trick. In order to stay on top of my fluid intake, I like to mix the GU Hydration Drink Tabs with sparkling water to keep hydrated all day long.”

Roctane Electrolyte Capsules

What’s Inside
  • 140 mg sodium per serving
  • Ginger to ease stomach distress
When we Take
  • Training and racing in extreme conditions
  • To help prevent cramps
  • Long-duration races
How we use

Roctane Electrolyte Capsules are the most efficient way to get sodium and other key electrolytes. When it’s hot, and we know we are going to be sweating a lot, we always bring these along. Replacing electrolytes with Roctane Electrolyte Capsules can help prevent cramping during long rides, runs, or races.