Jen Schumacher swimmingI have been using the new GU Roctane Energy Drink since early November, shortly after I began training for my 2012 season. My last event of 2011 was a marathon swim across the length of Lake Tahoe, after which I took an entire 6 weeks off from serious swimming training. I dreaded returning to the pool consistently after such a long break, and when I did everything was sore. I train mostly in the mornings, and felt sluggish in the pool and exhausted the remainder of the day.

After slogging on like that for two weeks, I decided to give the Roctane Energy Drink a try. Up until this point, I used GU Brew occasionally, but mostly relied on water because I didn’t really notice a difference unless it was a 2+ hour swim. My first day with the Roctane drink was a breakthrough workout. I was stunned – only two weeks into training and already feeling good? Must be a fluke, I thought. The next day I did the same thing, more Roctane and an amazing workout. It wasn’t magical; it was a bumpy road to getting back in shape, but one that was much quicker and more enjoyable than it normally is. And there may have been some other factors alongside the Roctane that contributed to the fast improvements, but the drink definitely played a role.

Mainly, what I believe I had been missing in GU Brew was the caffeine. The benefits of caffeine on endurance performance are well-known, but I had not been using this in training. I felt stronger and sharper in the water in the early mornings, and had more energy throughout the day. This may also be because the Roctane Drink has more calories than regular Brew and many other energy drinks, so you don’t feel so depleted. Finally, Roctane uses a special blend of key amino acids that are believed to ward off fatigue and promote recovery, making subsequent workouts more productive.

So if you plan on doing some serious training, increasing volume and/or intensity, I highly recommend trying out the Roctane Energy Drink and see how it works for you.

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