Roctane groupFinally, a drink designed for the ultra endurance athlete. Why? Because at the beginning, middle and end of any big, burly event or training session, there are two things that really matter when it comes to ultra endurance nutrition – taste and performance.  Think about the energy sources for your last ultra distance outing. They had to taste good so you ate them and then they had to perform, right?

Here’s how Roctane Energy Drink performs:

  • Need a calorie-dense source of energy for going long? Check.
  • Need key electrolytes to keep those muscles firing hour after hour? Check.
  • Need increased mental clarity and reduction of perceived effort? Check.
  • Need amino acids to minimize muscle damage and speed recovery? Check.

Here’s how it tastes:

“The Roctane drinks taste good!  I am very surprised that they do not taste overly strong even though they are so high in calories.  Even my wife likes the taste of the drinks and she is notoriously anti-sports drinks because they usually taste too strong for her.” – Todd

“The Fruit Punch Roctane is one of the best, if not the best tasting performance drink I’ve ever used.” – Brad

“All I can say is FINALLY.  The flavor is great and especially the lime, it is not too sweet.” – Ben

Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Drink is unlike anything on the market – specifically designed to increase performance during prolonged exercise.  Ultra distance events require too much training, too much planning and are too much fun to screw around with nutrition. Roctane Energy Drink was created because everything counts in ultra endurance.

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