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Kona’s Final Star, Jeff Schmidt


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    Penny Beeston Reply

    Thank you! A great write up. Inspiration comes from such amazing athletes and courageous finishers whether they finish on the podium or at the b.o.p. (back of the pack).

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    Nicole Bueno Reply

    Jeff Schmidt is quite an inspiring athlete and person! Thank you for sharing and capturing the special moment as he never once considered giving up or quitting. I hope to see him in Kona next year!

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    Beth Steele Reply

    Jeff had a long day, but was so determined to finish. This course is tough. I have never seen such an amazing event and cohesiveness of people from all over the world. We think our lives our tough, but the endurance and tenacity of these people are like no other.

    Jeff was focused on finishing. He endured a lot of pain, but continued his focus. I am very blessed to have him as my son.

    Congratulations Jeff! I love you, Mom.

  • Leslie Bartoshesky Reply

    Brought tears to my eyes to read Jeff’s story. I was able to finish within the time frame that is given, and I often feel how sad it is that all that started are not allowed to cross that finish line. I believe that the ones that spend the most time out on the course are indeed the TRUE IRONMANS!!

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    Cyndi Goehl Reply

    Even though I’ve heard the story, it still brings tears to my eyes, what an inspiration.

  • betty loya Reply

    you are the man Jeff.

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    Tal J Reply

    Thanks everyone for your comments. And to Beth, we were privileged to be there when Jeff finished Kona. It was an inspiring end to an amazing day (and night).

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    Chrissy Vasquez Reply

    What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing that, quite an inspiration. To have the drive to keep going and finish something that only a small percentage will ever take on. The video of Jeff’s finish brought me to tears and I will carry that sense of tenacity with me as I start my Ironman training in two weeks.

    If you go the distance, you are an Ironman, regardless of if it’s “official.”

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    Cort the Sport Reply

    I feel awful that he was missed, and the finish line was coming down :-( but how awesome that Pete and Andrew welcomed him after 140.6 miles. I suspect when Jeff races another Ironman, it’ll be well within the cutoff. Awesome!

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