What do you eat for breakfast or morning snack?

Eggs + Avocado = Heaven. I am a big breakfast eater…it is definitely the best meal of the day. Unless I am on the bike for over 2.5 hours I generally won’t need to refuel until post training.



When I wake up.


I am a huge believer in eating good food. I believe that you don’t have to weigh your food down in bad ingredients to make it taste great. I definitely eat for performance, but I also eat so that I can be creative in the kitchen. My breakfast always includes foods that will fuel me properly throughout the day. I try to stick to foods that won’t spike my blood sugar so I don’t crash mid morning.

What do you typically eat for lunch?

I love my homemade protein bread with peanut butter and banana.



I definitely don’t have a specific time that I eat lunch. Between treating patients in the clinic and training, there is never an exact lunch hour in my day.


Lunch time foods are determined by whether or not I am finishing training and need to recover or if I’m feeling up for a workout.

What do you typically eat for dinner or evening snack?

I definitely stick to a square meal: protein + veggies + starch.



Normally around 7:30 or 8pm.


My dinners are definitely based upon “healthy enjoyment.” I love to get creative in the kitchen, and dinner is the time of day when I am able let my creative juices flow.



What do you eat the night before a race?

Pasta + protein



I like to eat a good hearty dinner and shut it down after that. I don’t like going to bed the night before a race feeling over stuffed.


The night before a race is about performance. I want to get enough carbohydrates to make sure that all of my glycogen stores are topped off while being balanced with protein and fat.

What do you eat the morning before a race?

Eggs + Oatmeal



There is no set time…I just want to be finished eating 2.5 hours before I roll up to the start line.


Performance. This is the last opportunity to make sure that all systems are fuelled adequately.

What do you eat in the final hours before you start?

Roctane Energy Drink and an Energy Gel



I will drink Roctane Energy Drink during my warm up and take a Gel 15 minutes before the start of the race.


Top off energy stores before the race.

What do you eat during competition?

Roctane Energy Drink and Energy Gels



I try to drink 1/3 of a bottle of Roctane Energy Drink per lap (every 5-6km), and I eat 1 Energy Gel every lap.


Performance, performance, performance. Everything consumed during a race is to ensure both physical and mental performance. Eating Energy Gels is definitely the most beneficial nutritional supplement I use in a race to help me stay energized and on my game until the finish. The Roctane Energy Drink keeps me hydrated and provides additional calories.

What do you eat right after a race?

I find it very difficult to eat right after a race. If I have stayed on top of my nutrition throughout the race, I am not really looking for food. I will try to consume a Recovery Drink Mix…I especially love the chocolate flavor.



Right after the race.


The food consumed right after a race is for adequate recovery. The food consumed later in the day is definitely for enjoyment…bring on the pizza!

What do you eat the rest of the day after a competition?

I don’t try to eat anything out of the norm after a competition. The food consumed post competition is similar to that of a hard training day.


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