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Marathon Trials

Are you racing the Olympic Trials Marathon? As you make your final preparations, we want to offer a little support while you’re out on the roads of Atlanta. We'll send you a box with some race-day essentials so you have one less thing to worry about before the gun goes off.

To sign up for one, fill out the form below!
(We have a limited supply.)

Race Day Fuel:

  • 4x ROCTANE Energy Drink Mix pouches: Each serving mixed in 21oz of water has 250 calories, 1900mg of amino acid, 320mg sodium.
  • 4x GU Bottles: bright blue for high-visibility!
  • 4x ROCTANE Energy Gels: Tape to your bottles or use the cap to screw the top-tab to hold it in place for easy access along the course.
  • 2x Energy Stroopwafels: Eat one of these 30 minutes before the gun goes off to top-off your energy stores.

We can’t wait for February 29th! We’ll be out on the course screaming our faces off for everyone running. And if you have questions about fueling for race day, don’t hesitate to let us know below!