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LOCATION: Victor, Idaho

INSTAGRAM: @kait.boyle

FAVORITE GU PRODUCT: Energy Stroopwafel & ROCTANE Energy Drink

FAVORITE ENERGY GEL FLAVOR: Cola me-happy­­ Energy Gel

Recovery smoothies with ROCTANE Protein!


Kait Boyle is a professional ultra endurance mountain bike and adventure athlete. Her passion is moving through landscapes and sharing the value of wild places. She is an advocate for conservation of public lands, an outdoor educator, and uses speaking and writing to share her stories to inspire others. Kait Boyle has set a number of records in self-supported ultra-endurance and solo 24-hour races while demonstrating that in endurance sports, women can compete with the strongest men. 

Shortly after winning the 2018 24-hour solo elite female World Championship she was in a traumatic car accident that landed her in the ICU on Christmas Eve with a quadrupled fractured pelvis, broken sacrum and fibula and ruptured bladder.  After three months in an external fixator, in a wheelchair and on crutches, she recovered to pedal, hike, run, and ski again. After dedicating 2019 to recovering strongly, she is working toward racing and adventuring at an elite level again to affirm her message that you are unlimited. In 2020 she is striving to set a new record in an ultra and reclaim her 24-hour World Champion title. She is also intending to lowering her carbon footprint by reducing plastic waste by making her own yogurt, buying vegetables without plastic packaging, and committing to the terracycle program. 

Kait found mountain biking at the age of 24 while working full-time as an outdoor educator for Prescott College and NOLS. The 32-year old now lives in Victor, Idaho with her recently-adopted mutt pup, Hank, where she explores the backcountry on bike, ski and foot in the Teton Range and surrounding mountains while concurrently working as the Program Coordinator for the bikepacking nonprofit she co-founded, Bikepacking Roots. For Kait, everyday starts with a cup of coffee and her movement is primarily powered by waffles, summit tea; but concocting a recovery smoothie is one of Kait’s favorite ways to end a big day out. She also thinks the Cola Me Happy flavor GU will be an ingredient to realizing her dreams in 2020! You can follow Kait’s stories on her website.