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Places We Play

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Public lands are all around us. While grand national parks stir epic daydreams, our local trails and neighborhood open spaces can be just as motivating. These protected public spaces inspire us and push us to explore and go further every day.


Inspired Art

Local trail runner and artist Maggie Tides worked with us to create this series, which is inspired by the places near our headquarters in Berkeley, CA where we run, swim, ride, and adventure.


Stay fueled with the perfect summer flavor while you’re out enjoying the places you love and feel good knowing we are dedicating 10% of Campfire S’mores sales to Conservation Alliance’s Public Lands Defense Fund. What are you waiting for? Try Campfire S’mores Energy Gel and support the protection of your public lands.

10% for Public Lands

Last year, we launched Campfire S’mores Energy Gel as part of our GU Gives program. To help the fight to protect our public lands, we committed 10% of sales from this flavor to the Conservation Alliance’s Public Lands Defense Fund. To date, we’ve raised over $60,000 for the Conservation Alliance!

The fight is not over, which is why we’re extending the life of this delicious flavor for another year. We will continue to support the work that the Conservation Alliance is doing to protect public lands on behalf of all of us.