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The Ageless Athlete Project


“Age is just a number.” We’ve heard that line tossed around, but is there truth behind it? Turns out, the answer is yes, and the GU Performance Lab has partnered with InsideTracker to prove it. Our ten Ageless Athlete Project participants, age 50-73, represent different athletic and personal backgrounds, as well as geographic locations, but they have one thing in common: a desire to live long, healthy lives doing what they love. These 10 have set out on a 12-week program to offset the aging process through nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle improvements. The first step? Find each person’s InnerAge.  

What is InnerAge?

The truth is, people age at different speeds. The date that marks your birthday doesn’t necessarily reflect your body’s actual biological age – your InnerAge. Through analysis of several biomarkers, InsideTracker, the creators of InnerAge 2.0, can determine the body’s biological age and use their powerful data engine to generate science-backed recommendations to lower a person’s InnerAge. A lower InnerAge means higher quantity of and quality of the years ahead.

Meet Our Ageless Athlete Project Participants



Runner, equestrian, retired educator, wife to Buster.
Age: 59
InnerAge: 61.1

Through her personal life and involvement in the lives of others who’ve experienced trauma, Irene understands well the gift and power of health. As a teacher, she partnered with Marines at Camp Pendleton to get troubled youth involved in sports and since retiring, she has volunteered with the Equine Assisted Learning Program for women who are victims of trauma. Practicing yoga, running, hiking, and riding horses keep her mind and body clear and in focus. 

Irene hopes “to overcome the fear I sometimes have about maintaining a healthy body as I age.  Knowledge helps to diminish fear…”



Retired Marine colonel & educator, avid gardener, husband to Irene.
Age: 73
InnerAge: 73

Buster’s lifelong connection to hard physical work began at age 14 with farm labor in the Sacramento Valley, followed by athletic participation in school and then a career in the Marine Corps as a colonel. Rigorous training was a way of life, and even after he retired and became an educator, Buster continued to maintain top physical condition. These days he tends to 15 fruit trees and several large garden beds and - as he says - tries to keep up with his younger wife, Irene.

Buster hopes “to maintain or even improve my cardio-vascular health for the next ten to fifteen years with exercise and diet changes I am still able to accomplish.”


Mom to 2 teenagers, trail runner, adventurer.
Age: 52
Inner Age: 59

Annemiek grew up in a rural area of the Netherlands, where organized sports were not routinely offered. She started running seriously about 10 years ago, finding sanity and the great gift of time - to think, to create, and to sort things out. With work and family life being hectic, Annemiek is grateful for her trail community and the absolute joy of running.

“I'm immensely curious and strive to still grow and be better...” 


Ultra runner and retired network engineer.
Age: 63
InnerAge: 58.7

Steve discovered marathons the way many do; his friends decided to do one together. He hated it and told himself he’d never do another. Fast forward a couple decades and many marathons and Steve is an avid trail ultra-runner. He loves the community, the scenery, but most of all, the challenge of discovering his full potential. Now that he’s a bit older and his physical capabilities have begun to decline, Steve is focusing on the mental aspect of performance, and believes he has many many miles and even a few PRs ahead of him.

“While I still desire to compete, it is now an internal competition with myself, and I now have the desire to ensure longevity in my ability to participate in a sport and lifestyle I love so much.”



Epic adventurer, self-proclaimed “mountain girl,” wife to Topher.
Age: 50
InnerAge: 47.4

Kim is an adventurer through and through. Happiest on the trails, she’s an avid runner and cyclist with a background in professional ski racing. Injuries have been a challenge, and her 8 knee surgeries have taught her to focus on recovery and listening to her body. Yoga has been a huge positive for Kim; she loves how the movements keep her feeling fluid and flexible. She wants to learn all she can about taking care of her body so she can continue chasing epic adventures with Topher for decades more.

“If I can learn how to grow and age to be a better athlete…then sign me up!!”



Ultra-runner, outdoor adventurer, husband to Kim.
Age: 51

InnerAge: 49.4

Topher’s broad athletic experience is as deep as it is broad, with impressive accomplishments in windsurfing, sailing, climbing and running. He thrives when pushing his limits and discovering his true potential. A lifelong learner, Topher has adapted to the mental and physical changes that come with getting a little older; he’s reoriented his goals and has surrounded himself with athletes who challenge and inspire him.

“If I can get the most out of myself on any given day, I am incredibly satisfied and appreciative.”



Runner, CrossFit enthusiast, training partner to Nancy.
Age: 71
InnerAge: 74.9

Linda has been involved in athletics her whole life, from team sports at an early age to her current 5-days-a-week CrossFit routine. She’s also been a runner for over 3 decades and tends to feel “off” when she doesn’t get to work out. Since entering her ‘70s, Linda has noticed feeling more tired after working out, but she’s taken it in stride.

“I feel like I will be able to exercise at some level forever.”



Distance runner, CrossFit enthusiast, training partner to Linda.
Age: 70
InnerAge: 75.7

Nancy has had a lifelong love of athletic activities, but her biggest passion has been long distance running. She began while in grad school in the late ‘70s as a way to get to know her future husband, who was an ex-football star, and thoroughly enjoyed it until 2014 when she had a knee replaced. Now she’s going on 10 years of CrossFit participation and loves it almost as much as she loved running. A natural competitor, Nancy has had to put her ego on the shelf now that she’s in her ‘70s. She has impressive goals ahead: walking a marathon on her 90th birthday and continuing CrossFit into her ‘90s.

“I want to be able to see my grandchildren grow and marry and lead wonderful lives because it has been modeled to them.”



Camp Gladiator enthusiast, lifelong athlete, bro-in-law to Janet.
Age: 70
InnerAge: 76.1

Jesse has been athletic for most of his life, from participating in various team sports as a kid to playing recreational softball into his ‘60s. With back issues forcing him out of softball, he took up running and discovered Camp Gladiator workouts. These activities have helped him feel great despite spending hours at his desk each day. Jesse admits to not eating very well and is looking forward to making changes to keep himself fit for years to come.

“With the CG workouts & my running I feel very good for my age. I would like to be able to continue this journey for at least another five years.” 




Camp Gladiator enthusiast, outdoor lover, breast cancer survivor.
Age: 57

InnerAge: 54.4

Janet started working out at age 50, when her best friend introduced her to Camp Gladiator workouts. She also enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities. Because of her high metabolism, she never felt the need to workout before. Janet now has her routine down, but is looking to improve so she can continue working out and remaining healthy.

“I have noticed that my workouts have been a challenge in the last two years. I notice a big difference with stamina and with agility. ”


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