Endurance Runner Turned (Temporarily) Endurance Rider

Rob Krar is a top pro endurance runner (two-time Western States 100 winner) who found himself injured in 2016. Rather than going full couch-potato, he got on his bike and signed up for his first race on wheels: the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race — a race he has run (and won) the running version of before. Yuri Hauswald and Elden “Fatty” Nelson talk with Rob before and after the race to get his story…and lessons learned. It’s a can’t-miss first episode of the GU Pinnacle Podcast.

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About The Pinnacle Podcast

Pinnacle Podcast LogoWelcome to The Pinnacle Podcast, a discussion with athletes, coaches, and nutrition experts across the spectrum of endurance sports. In each episode, our hosts Fatty and Yuri will explore the inspirational stories behind great athletic feats and glean valuable insight from their guests’ successes and failures.


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