Look, BMC, Yeti and Serotta bikes usually don’t come with burgers, beer and an expert fit all at the same time, except in Hailey, ID at the Powerhouse Pub and Bike Shop. Or Performance Bike Shop to be more precise. That’s because founder/owner Billy Olsen is a certified fitter and former racer who wanted to provide a different, albeit still high quality and high-end experience to his customers.

Sun Valley Biking

Part bike shop, part pub, Powerhouse has a lot to offer the local cycling culture. On hand are well over 100 varieties of beer, delicious grass-fed beef burgers, and top-notch bicycle service and sales.

Out the back door of the Powerhouse is the real prize: 400 hundred miles of luscious, and connected, singletrack. Yes, 400 miles. Hailey is just down the road from Sun Valley and there is enough singletrack in the area to test the fitness and stamina of any ultra endurance mountain biker. Rebecca Rusch calls the Sun Valley area home.

In July Sun Valley hosts the Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival with riding, racing and entertainment centered around some of the finest mountain biking in the country. Make sure your lungs and legs are up to the task…


Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival

Powerhouse Pub and Bike Shop

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