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Almond Butters

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Almond Butters

Boon Almond Butters are crafted to taste delicious and provide wholesome nutrition. Made with California-grown organic almonds, each Almond Butter flavor has its own unique taste coming from spices such as ginger, cinnamon, chai, and coffee that contribute delicious flavors not found in other nut butters.

We also believe that ginger, cinnamon, chai, and coffee are important elements of a wholesome everyday diet. For centuries, these ingredients have been used for a wide variety of benefits and have proven to be a key part of an active life nourished by delicious food.

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  • How much sugar is in Boon Almond Butters? Is there added sugar?

    Depending on the flavors Boon Almond Butters have between zero and three grams of added sugar per serving.

  • Is there added oil in Boon Almond Butters?

    No, there is not added oil in Boon Almond Butters. The oil is naturally occurring from the organic almonds.

  • What makes Boon Almond Butters different from other brands?

    Boon Almond Butters are made with almonds and use 82-97% organic ingredients (depending on the flavor). Each serving has between 5 and 6 grams of protein, which is double that of some leading competitors.

  • What is the consistency of Boon Almond Butters?

    Boon Almond Butters are creamy, but can contain chunks of flavor, particularly in the Sweet Ginger flavor, which contains small pieces of ginger.

  • Why does the oil separate from the almond butter?

    We don’t add any hydrogenated oils or stabilizers to our product, which means separation can and will occur. Don’t worry, it’s natural! Just give your Boon Almond Butter a good stir before you enjoy.

  • How should Boon Almond Butters be stored?

    We recommend storing your Almond Butters in a cool, dry place away from light or heat to maximize shelf life. You may store them in the fridge if desired, but it’s not required.

  • Are Boon Almond Butters organic?

    Boon Almond Butters are not yet certified organic, but they are made with at least 82% organic ingredients, and we are working toward getting them certified.
    Cinnamon Spice – 97% organic ingredients
    Espresso Bean – 95% organic ingredients
    Sweet Ginger – 82% organic ingredients
    Chai Spice – 87% organic ingredients

  • Are Boon Almond Butters vegan and gluten free?

    Yes! Boon Almond Butters are both vegan and gluten free.

  • Are Boon Almond Butters non-GMO?

    You bet! Boon Almond Butters are made with non-GMO ingredients.


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