One Thousand Miles Through Kyrgyzstan 

“Come prepared because that means you’re ready for anything…”

Jay Petervary is about as “ultra” as an ultra-racer can be. A ten-time Ultra Iditarod champion, Tour Divide record holder, and half of the only team to ever do the Dirty Kanza XL on a tandem bike, the big question usually circling around Jay is “what’s next?”

Well, this past August, the Silk Road Mountain Race — 1,056 miles, 85,000 feet of climbing, unsupported bikepacking race in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan — was next… and he won it!

Our hosts Yuri and Fatty get the full story from Jay and learn how he prepared for and conquered this next-level endurance marvel.

All photos by Giovanni Maria Pizzato / PedalED


Racing the Silk Road with Jay Petervary

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