With a blistering record setting time of 7:28, Rebecca Rusch proved this past weekend that age is just a number and that physical boundaries and limits are meant to be pushed and broken. It was her fourth Leadville victory in a row, and was the first time that Roctane, both the new drink and gel, have been used on course, so we couldn’t be more proud of Reba’s race winning ride.

With years of endurance racing experience under her belt, particularly the knowledge that a fast start doesn’t always mean a fast finish, Rusch metered her effort at a pace she knew was manageable for the long haul. “Like last year, it took my diesel a while to warm up. The first hour of this race, which is cold and fast, is always a challenge for me to get going but I know this about myself and this race, so I stayed patient and stuck with my own pace up St. Kevins.”

At the start of the Columbine climb, Pua Mata (Sho-Air) was in first place followed by Gretchen Reeves (Tokyo Joe’s). Rusch and Sally Bigham (Topeak Ergon) were in third and fourth, not letting the leaders get too far out of sight.  As has been the case in the past, the Columbine climb is where Rusch has made her race winning move, and this year was no different.

“Columbine for four years in a row is where I have made my move. I seem to settle in there and get in my groove. The rest of the way home I’m running scared,” said Rusch. When asked about her motivation for this year’s LT 100, Rusch states that “there are so many friends, sponsors and cheering fans on course, before and after. Greg (her partner) at every aid station motivates me too. But mostly, I’m like those greyhounds chasing the rabbit. Put me on a start line, fire a shotgun and I’m gonna go!  It’s instinctual for me. I wasn’t thinking about #4 or records until I took over the lead.”

When asked about using Roctane, Rusch stated, “I’ve done my own reading on amino acids, protein and other ingredients for extreme endurance. The info I found pointed directly to the ingredients found in ROCTANE, so I was sold on paper and just had to really put it to the test.”

And test it she did. Rusch’s winning time of 7 hours and 28 minutes 6 seconds set a new women’s course record, beating her 2011 record of 7:31:46. “I’m overwhelmed by the win and a new course record,” said Rusch. “We had such a strong field of women out there. This race continues to get more competitive every year.”

“The win today felt amazing,” Rusch continued. “It was the culmination of months of hard training and focus. I felt good on the course today, but really surprised myself with a new course record. The LT100 is such a special race, so being able to roll across that red carpet as the first female for the fourth time was definitely the highlight of my year. ”

Rusch had already made history as the most winning female in the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race, so her fourth title further cements the fact that she is the Queen of Leadville.

Here at GU Energy Labs we are all about improving performances, building better athletes and fueling your next adventure. Thanks Rebecca Rusch for being such an inspiring ambassador in the sport, for proving that records are meant to be broken, and for pushing yourself and our products to the edge and beyond. All hail the Queen….of Pain.


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