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29,029 ft.
May 22, 2019
11:45 am

“My friend and hero Lydia Bradey and I summited Mount Everest (8848 meters/29,029 ft), the first climbing members to reach it from the Tibet side this season, just as the rope-fixers finished putting up the final 500 vertical feet of lines. They hugged and high-fived us as they descended, leaving us alone with our two Sherpas, Mingma Tshering and Pasang Tendi, on the summit, an incredible and almost non-existent experience. 

We climbed from Camp 2 at 7700 meters, departing late by Everest standards at 1:45 AM, to give the rope fixers time to finish their work. No one else climbed from the north side that day. We were so fortunate to have the mountain all to ourselves. Hard to believe, still processing.”

From Roxanne Vogel

On Friday, May 24 at approximately 11pm PDT, Roxanne Vogel landed at San Francisco International Airport, completing her “Lightning Ascent” of Mt. Everest. She went from Berkeley, CA to the top of the world and back…in 14 days!

Roxanne Vogel is the Nutrition & Performance Research Manager here at GU Energy Labs, and she set out to push the limits of mountaineering through a technique dubbed a “Lightning Ascent,” drastically reducing the time it typically takes to acclimatize and summit the world’s tallest peak through training, technology, and careful nutrition planning. Learn more about her training and preparations below.



Summit Tracker

Our friends from Garmin equipped Roxanne with a inReach Explorer+ so we can follow along on her journey. She’ll be posting real-time updates, so we can see her progress when she begins her climb from 17,000 ft. to the top of Mt. Everest at 29,029 ft.

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4 thoughts on “Everest & Back in 14 Days | Roxanne Vogel

  1. Congratulations! Two weeks is impossibly fast, but apparently when everything fits together, acclimatisation, flights, weather, it is actually possible! Furtenbach Adventures have been doing 3 week “flash” expeditions, which now pales in contrast. Anyway, they have now had 100% success rate for 4 years in a row, so this new clever concept really seems to work.

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