Brenton Reagan deep powderI have been using the Roctane drink since late last summer.  It has solved numerous problems I have had in the mountains and in the gym.  Carrying enough calories on huge days in the mountains has always been tricky.  The drink contains 250 calories, is easy to drink and comes with lots of power which has made my pack a little lighter and my body stronger.  Roctane Drink created a level of intense focus while climbing technically demanding and dangerous routes during long days where exhaustion can lead to making a mistake.  I had a feeling of an aggressive nature and was able to push through scary and challenging terrain with confidence.  Due to the high calorie content I was able to take less amounts of digestible food on long rock or alpine climbing days.

I have also been using Roctane Drink on days where I have already been in the mountains and then head into the gym for strength training.  The Mountain Athlete Strength and Conditioning  center in Jackson is one of the most difficult facilities in the United States.  It helps me maintain a high level of focus and energy output so I can stay fast and strong.

Brenton Reagan- Exum Mountian Guide, Professional climber, Skier and Training Fanatic.

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