10% of S’Mores sales will go to Conservation Alliance’s Public Lands Defense Fund

Why do we do this? Guided by our core values of accountability, longevity, and love, we believe that all of us are responsible for protecting the places we play on behalf of future generations. We care about our community!

We believe in protecting public lands for future generations. These are the places we replenish our souls and cherish history. It’s not just about us, it’s about the culture and natural beauty preserved by National Monuments like Bears Ears, Giant Sequoia, and San Gabriel Mountains.


Stay fueled with this delicious flavor while you’re out enjoying the places you love and feel good knowing we are dedicating 10% of Campfire S’mores sales to Conservation Alliance’s Public Lands Defense Fund.


Public lands are all around us. While grand national parks stir epic daydreams, our local trails and neighborhood open spaces can be just as motivating. These protected public spaces inspire us and push us to explore and go further every day.