“It’s the Recovery, Stupid!” This could apply to the global economy, yes, but we’re not going there. In the TransAndes it applies to recovery, both after the race and during the race. Yes, during the race. Recovery is not just about chocolate milk after a workout. It is a pillar of ultra endurance racing nutrition and when done right enables high level competition day after day. Stage 2 for Brian and Yuri was no exception. From Yuri:


“Hydration and calories were the name of the game today. Fueling for today’s stage was important, but we were also conscious that today’s calories, amino acids, carbs, etc. would help us recover and be ready for the days ahead. We are relying heavily on Roctane because of its high amino acid count that’ll help minimize muscle breakdown. If we can lessen the muscle breakdown during and after each stage with our nutrition plan, we will recover that much quicker, be that much more ready for the strenuous efforts that lie ahead.”



Update: Brian’s Strava data is uploaded on Strava.com – And it looks like he is ranking high on the “Suffer Scale”…

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