Welcome to the “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” tour….On Monday Brian Vaughan, CEO of GU Energy Labs, and Yuri Hauswald, friend and professional mountain biker, will compete together as a team in the TransAndes Challenge, a 6 day stage race across the Andes Mountains in Chilean Patagonia. But it’s going to be a lot more than just a stage race and this will not be your average race report for two reasons:

Yuri Hauswald Brian Vaughan TransAndes Challenge

First, Yuri and Brian have never raced together and they are a bit mismatched as a pair – Yuri is a lesson in physics and inertia – point him downhill and he flies. Brian is a lesson in gravity defiance – point him uphill and he’s off like a rocket. They’re definitely fit racers but they need to stay within 2 minutes of each other for the entire race. So if one should fall behind, the other is going to be…angry, supportive, silent, useful, useless??? We’ll see.

Secondly, we’ll view their experience through the lens of “Everything counts in ultra endurance racing.” And we mean everything. Not only everything before, during and after the race like tires, weather, shoes, mechanical parts, chamois choice, nutrition, aid stations, and sleep but everything leading up to race week as well – training, nutrition plan, course knowledge, race experience and climate acclimation. These two guys are the guinea pigs for seeing just how much everything counts.

Obviously with Brian’s passion for performance energy and ultra endurance sports nutrition there will be a premium placed on nutrition planning and execution. The new Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Drink will be a cornerstone of their nutrition strategy and you’ll get a window seat into how it works in the field and in the wild. Brian and Yuri will be joined by fellow athletes and team racers Rebecca Rusch and Chris Carmichael.

Getting there is truly half the battle

Guess what? Custom clearance counts for a lot when you are traveling to another hemisphere to race bikes. And early reports indicate Brian and Yuri had to get creative when a customs officer almost confiscated some equipment (Trail Mix) and possibly bikes at a border checkpoint. Yuri did not get shot and Brian still has some money left after bailing him out.


STAGE 1 Vitals:

82 km, 2287 m climbing. Let’s call this the parachute stage – take a look at the drop off midway through…Can’t wait to see how they handle the metric conversions too…




TransAndes Challenge website

Yuri’s Blog


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