“The Double”

Watch as Jeff Browning takes on two of the most challenging 100-milers in the US… only 19 days apart.

Staring Jeff Browning
Produced and Directed by Matt Trappe

From the heat, speed and competition at the Western States Endurance Run to the high altitude, steep climbs and torrential weather of the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run. For most, even attempting these two high profile 100-mile races is a lifetime achievement. Watch as ultrarunner and family man Jeff Browning attempts to break the combined time record of 43h 33m in these two races… with only 19 days of rest in between.

One thought on “Two Races, 200 Miles, 19-Days Apart

  1. Dear Jeff Browning,

    I just saw your “Double” video and really appreciate your kudos to your family first. Your comment about wishing your family was present in seeing you finish your record double means a lot to the other fathers/runners out there sacrificing their family time to train and make it worth it. That video made me a fan of yours. If that’s truly who you are…I envy you tremendously. Keep doing what you’re doing. Rewards, if you haven’t already received them, will come. Way to go dad!!

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