Portland, OR


I started running trails about 3.5 years ago before my senior year of college and was quickly alright choosing mountains and long runs over parties on the weekends. I loved running and the challenging, beautiful nature of ultras and trails, but most importantly I found myself surrounded by the most supportive community I had ever met. Combine these things with my ever-competitive and driven nature, and I was hooked. I now run for the Nike Elite Trail team, spend my weekends running or adventuring through the lovely Pacific Northwest, and drink way too much amazing coffee. By following my passion for running, I have been awarded with so many opportunities I would never have thought possible. Running has slowly trickled into all aspects of my life, from training full time and traveling around the world for runs and races, to researching the energetics and biomechanics of running and helping my coworkers achieve their own running goals. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than helping someone else find their passion, to see how motivation and drive can help transform their life as well. I will be forever grateful for what running has given me so far and at only 24 and a big newbie in the sport, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.


  • 2016 TNF 8th Place, 2016 TransRockies Women’s Team Winners, Chuckanut 50k 4th place, Gorge
  • Waterfalls 100k 3rd place, Black Canyons 60k 1st female, 2nd overall, 2015 White River 1st Place female

2017 Goals

Fall less. Never apologize for my enthusiasm. Continue to train smart to race better and improve my competitiveness. Repeat win at TransRockies with Amanda Basham. Race and give my all in CCC in France. Place top 3 at TNF 2017.

Fun Fact

My first trail race I carried a dunking donuts foam coffee mug with a hair tie around my hand as my handheld after seeing everyone at the start with water. #newbie

Favorite GU Product

  • Cucumber Mint Energy Gel. <3

Nutrition Tips

The best advice I’ve ever received: Eat on the downhills.

My own follow up piece of advice: Get good at eating GU Energy Gels and not falling on the downhills.