GU Nutrition Matrix is a holistic nutritional system designed to help you hydrate, energize, and recover when pushing yourself and your body to the limits. Gu has what your body needs to go longer and farther. And then get back out there to break on through again tomorrow.

Our Story


  • Finding out that GU includes only those beneficial amino acids in their endurance products, but not all of the other useless ones in a complete protein made me realize that the science behind their passion was real. I will also admit that when I tasted Chocolate Smoothie Recovery drink, that sealed the deal.

    rebecca-rusch-1 ~ Mountain Bike Champion Rebecca Rusch

  • My first bonk was during the Double Dipsea in 2009, on the return back to Stinson. The next year, I dropped 2 GU’s at the turnaround, ate them, and never felt a dip in my energy levels. After the race, I knew I’d found something that worked for me and haven’t used anything else since.

    alex-varner ~ Ultrarunner Alex Varner

  • GU played an important role during one of my proudest accomplishments early in my ultra-running career, my Grand Canyon Rim-Rim-Rim Fastest Known Time. After that there was never any doubt GU Energy would take care of me on any adventure I tackled.” “Chocolate Smoothie Recovery Drink Mix is my go-to after a hard effort or long run. Almost always used in a Vitamix concoction with soy milk, yogurt, banana, nuts and cinnamon.

    rob-krar-profile ~ Ultrarunner Rob Krar

  • In 2000, two other climbers and I completed the Slovak Direct route on Mount McKinley (Denali) in 60 hours. The fastest ascent before that had been 7 days. We relied almost entirely on GU Energy Gel, literally climbing from one Gel, feeling that we were getting close to the bonk, then doing another Gel. It got us up 70% faster than anyone before us. That record still stands 14 years later and I’ve been using GU Energy products religiously ever since. I use them training and on my big climbs. When people ask me how I do those big climbs so quickly, I always tell them that nutrition planning is big part. Thanks GU!

    steve-house-portrait ~ Alpine Climber Steve House

Whatever your athletic goal we can help you go for it! And, whatever your sport nutrition need, there’s a GU for it!


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