Q: How can I find GU Energy Gel near me?
A: You can either shop on our website or locate a retailer near you that carries GU Energy Gel, using our store locater tool. Simply enter your zip code or city, and we'll provide a list of nearby stores!


Q: Who owns GU Energy Labs?
A: GU Energy Labs is a family-owned company, founded by Dr. Bill Vaughan. Our mission is to help active individuals achieve their highest performance through scientifically formulated nutrition products. Learn more about our story and mission here.


Q: Are GU Energy products safe to consume during pregnancy?
A: While GU Energy products are formulated to support active lifestyles, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before using any energy supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Q: What are the benefits of GU Energy products?
A: GU Energy Labs offers a variety of nutrition products designed to support individuals with active lifestyles in their performance and recovery efforts. Here's a brief overview of the benefits each product line offers:


Gels: Compact and portable energy source with a mix of carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy, electrolytes for hydration, and amino acids for muscle support.

Chews: Tasty, chewable energy with easy-to-digest carbohydrates, perfect for athletes who prefer solid food to gels during activities.

Drinks: Designed to maintain hydration levels during your physical activities. Our Roctane Energy Drink Mix offers a dual benefit, not only helping to keep you well-hydrated but also delivering key electrolytes to fuel your performance and support endurance through even the most demanding workouts.

Stroopwafels: Delicious and easy-to-digest stroopwafels providing carbohydrates for energy, great for a pre-activity snack or mid-activity boost.

Capsules: Targeted supplements designed to support recovery, electrolyte balance, and immune health, formulated with specific nutrients for your active lifestyle.


Q: How do GU Energy products support athletic performance?
A: Our products, including GU Energy Gels, Hydration Drink Tabs, and Energy Chews, are formulated based on scientific research to provide essential nutrients that support energy, endurance, hydration, and recovery.


Q: Can GU Energy Gels be used for activities other than running?
A: Absolutely! GU Energy Gels are versatile and suitable for any activity, including cycling, hiking, triathlon, and more, providing quick, easily digestible energy to fuel your adventure.


Q: What flavors of GU Energy Gel are available?
A: We offer a wide variety of flavors, ranging from fruity to indulgent, to satisfy all taste preferences. Our flavor lineup is constantly evolving, so check out our current offerings today!


Q: How do I choose the right GU product for my needs?
A: Selecting the right product depends on your activity, duration, intensity, and personal nutrition needs. We've created a guide to help you choose the best GU products for your needs.


Q: How can I learn more about sports nutrition?
A: Our blog features articles, tips, and advice on nutrition for endurance sports, crafted by experts in sports science and nutrition. It's a great resource for active individuals looking to improve their performance and nutrition knowledge.


Q: Does GU Energy Labs have a sustainability program?
A: Yes, we're committed to sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact. Learn about our sustainability initiatives, including packaging recycling programs and sustainable ingredient sourcing today.


Q: Can I mix different GU Energy products during my workouts?
A: Yes! Mixing products like Energy Gels, Chews, and Drink Mixes can provide varied sources of energy and electrolytes. Tailor your nutrition plan to your personal preferences and the demands of your activity.


Q: Are GU Energy products suitable for vegetarians or vegans?
A: Yes, many of our products include options suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Please check individual product information for details on ingredients.


Q: Are GU Energy products gluten-free?
A: Many of our products are gluten-free, such as our Energy Gels, Energy Chews, Drink Tabs and Drink Mixes. We still suggest checking the packaging or product descriptions on our website for dietary information.


Q: How do I store GU Energy products?
A: Store products in a cool, dry place. Once opened, we recommend consuming them immediately for best taste and performance.


Q: Where can I find nutritional information for GU Energy products?
A: Nutritional information is available on the packaging of each product and on our website. Visit the product pages to learn more about the ingredients and nutritional benefits.


Q: How do the GU Energy Roctane products differ from regular GU Energy products?
A: Roctane products are formulated for the most demanding physical activities, containing more electrolytes  and amino acids to support long-duration and high-intensity efforts.