Bend, OR


I run a bit of everything, from roads to trails, mountains to obstacles. Using my two feet to get me places is what I like to do best. They are a vehicle that takes me to nature as well as gives me the thrill of competition. Last year I started my own running camps. Check em out:

I live in the running mecca of Bend, OR with my wife and two kids where you’ll find me usually out on the local trails but quite possibly at a local coffee shop.


  • World 100km Champion
  • World Mtn Running Champion
  • 4 X Olympic Trials Qualifier(marathon, steeplechase)

2017 Goals

Big Mountains, get up em, fast. Mtn races have been my nemesis so I’m determined to improve on that this year. Zegama, Mt Blanc Marathon, Sierre-Zinal, The Rut, Broken Arrow, Glencoe Skyline, all the classics are on tap this year.

Fun Fact

I am a 3 X DHC (Dining Hall Classic) Champion of the World (ask me next time you see me why it’s not 4X)

Favorite GU Product

  • For Racing: Blue-Pom Roctane Energy Gel
  • For Snacking: Wild Berries Energy Stroopwafels

Nutrition Tips

In training I often make up my nutrition plan as I go, in competition, make a plan and stick to your plan. Training is your opportunity to learn how your body works. Take as many variables out as you can in training so that in competition you’re not winging it.