What do you eat during your morning workout?

Energy Stroopwafel on the way to the session with Hydration Drink Tabs and maybe a caffeinated beverage. Energy Gel or Chews just before hitting the water, and if the session goes into a second hour then a second Gel and Hydration Drink Mix along the way.



Energy nutrition 1 hour before, 15 minutes before and then on the hour. For longer or hotter sessions I am sipping roughly 20 oz of Hydration Drink Mix or Drink Tabs every hour.


In or on the ocean when things can get bumpy or when I can swallow saltwater, I need energy nutrition that tastes good but is neutral on my stomach. I need enough flavor to make me want to eat or drink without so much that the flavor will haunt me later.

What do you eat for breakfast or morning snack?

Time allowing, a fried egg with cheese and avocado on a flat bread.



If the morning calls for a longer training session, I may grab the egg 1 – 1.5 hours before the session. If the session is less than two hours, I will probably grab the egg and perhaps some yogurt with granola after the session.


I have found I need carbs to burn in the intense efforts, but I need a balance of protein, fat and carbs to keep me going throughout a day that involves multiple training sessions along with coaching sessions that also have me on and in the ocean.

What do you typically eat for lunch?

I keep lunch light and relatively neutral so what I eat does not come back up again during an afternoon session (i.e. sandwich on flatbread with meat, cheese, avocado and spinach). I tend to drink more electrolytes in the form of Drink Tabs or Drink Mix in the hour or two before an afternoon session, and just before or during the session, I will take in an Energy Gel.



Light lunch about 1-2 hours before an afternoon session, GU Hydration Drink or Tabs the hour leading up to a session and an Energy Gel just before.


It’s all about a balance of protein, fat and carbs with a good nutritional content. I want my food to taste good but not be overwhelming in flavor.

I know I need protein, fat and carbs to keep from feeling hungry and to keep going in both intense training sessions and low key coaching sessions. I also need to be mentally sharp to make good decisions in an ocean environment that can become high stress for me or those I am coaching. I choose my nutrition plan so that I am always ready to go…and go…and go.

What do you eat for an afternoon snack?

Almonds, fruit or a granola bar.



When I am hungry. I tend to snack and avoid larger single meals during the day.


Balance in what I take in, and since I am active throughout the day as an athlete or coach, I need small, neutral snacks that won’t come back up an hour or so later.

What do you typically eat for dinner or evening snack?

Nothing special but always a nice balance of protein, carbs and fat. I always lean towards Mexican themed meals, but also salads with meat and cheese. Dinner is my largest meal of the day. I almost always avoid desserts.





Refueling from the day and getting ready for the next with a balanced meal with plenty of calories. If I am going to splurge on hot and spicy or more intense flavors from Curry to garlic, this is when I let myself indulge.

What do you eat the night before a race?

Pizza, salad and Hydration Drink Mix and Drink Tabs



:30 – 6:30


I could be anywhere in the world, and I seem to always be able to find a basic pizza with meat, cheese and light sauce. I think of it as a slight indulgence and treat for what I am going to take on the next day that over the years has also proven to be safe digestively, with just enough protein, fat and carbs.

What do you eat the morning before a race?

If possible, an egg on toast or a bagel. If that won’t work, I try to grab 300 – 500 calories composed of protein, fat and carbs.



Ideally 2 hours before race start as I am packing up to head out.


My races seem to either be long or last all day such as a surf lifesaving carnival. In either case I find real foods rather than supplements leave me fueled but ready to go for an intense 10 hour several times during the day or a 4+ hour race effort.

What do you eat in the final hours before you start?

Always sipping on Hydration Drink Tabs or Hydration Drink Mix from the time I leave the house until I am lining up. I will grab a Stroopwafel an hour or so out, and I will grab an Energy Gel or Chews 10-15 minutes before the start.



Sipping on a drink throughout the 2 hours prior to start and then a few minutes before with a an Energy Gel or Chew.


I tend to get dehydrated and out of whack really easily, so I want to make sure I am topped off long before the gun goes off. The extra 100 calories from the Energy Gel or Chew seems to help the more intense first 15-30 minutes of any race.

What do you eat during competition?

As an ocean athlete, if my arms stop moving, I stop moving forward, so I can’t carry a Gel pack and snack like a runner cruising along a trail. I consume almost exclusively liquids and an occasional Gel that I can eat in seconds.



My plan usually calls for about 300-400 calories per hour with 100 of those from an Energy Gel and the rest from a drink like Roctane Energy Drink. I will drink as often as possible without stopping, and I typically take a gel at the top of each hour.


I need calories to keep racing and moving forward, and I also need to stay mentally alert enough to deal with whatever conditions the ocean throws from dangerous waves and fish to the perfect downwind push.

What do you eat right after a race?

I will start sipping Recovery Drink Mix that I have waiting for me in my post event bag. Then whatever is at the first table in the athlete tent at the finish line or the first burger on the menu at the first fast food place I can find.



As soon as possible after I cross the finish line.


First recovery, giving my body the nutrients it needs to repair itself. Then pure hedonism…and calories.

What do you eat the rest of the day after a competition?

I get a little healthier after the initial post race binge. I grab Roctane BCAA Capsules and Electrolyte Capsules. I continue to sip on Recovery Drink Mix and Hydration Drink Tabs.



I try to keep taking in small amounts throughout the rest of the day, and other than an immediate post event meal it’s a steady stream of nutrition or calories.


Usually about 4 hours after a finish line I am starting to plan how to improve the next time, and the nutrition that day starts fueling the plan.

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