The team at PELOTON Magazine came to visit GU Headquarters in Berkeley to learn about the origins of our first Energy Gel. The crew got an all access tour of our production facility where we manufacture all of our Energy Gels, and they sat down with our Co-Founder and Chief Endurance Officer Brian Vaughan to learn where the idea for the Energy Gel was born.

2 thoughts on “Video | 25 Years of GU

  1. Great video. I could swear that I’ve been using GU since around 1992, but, I see GU was founded in 1994; were there any GUs (being tested, maybe) available before 1994?

    First time I ever saw a GU:
    Whatever the year, I was riding in a Northern CA century and saw another rider with a GU; very memorable. I was trying to eat my Power Bar while riding- almost choking on it- and I saw a woman downing a GU with ease. I remember her saying that they were new and she was trying it out. I said “I have to try some of these!”. Cold weather riding in particular was difficult when all I had to eat was a Power Bar- it was like eating leather! GU sure changed that!
    I have eaten literally THOUSANDS of GUs since then. I know because I used to save the wrappers and send them in via your recycle program. Even after the recycle program ended I continued to save the wrappers up until just a few years ago…

  2. Great video!
    Today, I was motivated to speed up Canyon Trail on my MTB in Redwood Regional Park, knowing the Toasted Marshmallow GU would be my reward at the top. It was so good!!!!

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