Jeff Browning

Father of Two Breaks 200 Mile Race Record

Jeff Browning loves adventure but family comes first. You wouldn’t think this prioritization would lend itself to breaking running records, but the Bend, Oregon-based dad did just that this summer.

His goal?

Setting a combined speed record of two of America’s most iconic (yet very different) ultramarathons: Western States 100 Mile and the Hardrock 100 Mile endurance runs.

The brutal caveat?

Both races are just 19 days apart. That’s 200 miles and thousands of vertical gain in the span of time most people would spend on the couch recovering after just one ultramarathon.

Spoiler alert: Jeff took down the record by over an hour.


Photo Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer

The Hardrock 100 course is as beautiful as it is brutal.

How did he pull off this tremendously energy-intensive record? Hours of running, strength training, and a holistic nutritional plan that utilized hydration, energy, and recovery products from GU Energy Labs.

The core tenants of GU products – providing hydration, energy, and recovery – gave Jeff an advantage that allowed his body to build-up his training for the Western States 100, compete to a 3rd place finish, and then recover quickly before embarking on the next big objective in Silverton, CO.

But wait, have we mentioned the heat and altitude?

The Western States 100 takes place through the Sierra foothills where the temperature regularly jumps above 100-degrees. The Hardrock 100 course goes above 12,000 feet where the air is thin and the weather frigid.

These elements combine to make fueling a constantly moving target.

So here’s a look at what Jeff consumed during his Western States 100 run (arguably the more nutritionally challenging event because of the heat):

  • 19 servings of Roctane Energy Drink (100 calories each)
  • 8 GU Energy Gels (100 calories each)
  • 3/4 cup of banana/plantain chips
  • Small pieces of fruit at the aid stations
  • A supplement to help turn his remaining fat into fuel


Your own athletic goals might not be as lofty as Jeff’s, but there is an equal opportunity to utilize GU Energy Labs’ products to boost your performance with effective hydration, portable energy, and delicious recovery. Learn more.

WATCH Jeff in action during his record breaking double ultramarathon

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