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how movement fits into our lives

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 Every year, we write down our athletic goals on an oversized Energy Gel packet that hangs near our ping pong table. There's something about writing a goal down for all of your coworkers to see that really makes it real, especially if that goal is to dominate the semi-annual company ping pong smack-down. Whatever the goal, in an office of pretty competitive athletes, you can bet you'll be held accountable!

The goals we write down motivate us to train, get stronger, and keep pushing – in other words, our goals feed our need to move. 

Like everyone around the world, we've had to put the goals we set at the beginning of the year aside. But just because we've adjusted our goals, it doesn’t mean we are going to stop moving. We are taking this moment to reexamine how movement fits into our lives, and we are finding new challenges to keep us motivated, push our bodies, and feed our need to move.

How are you adjusting your goals to feed your need to move?

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