How to Fuel for a 100 Mile Ride

How to Fuel for a 100 Mile Ride

It's Unbound week! As we head to Kansas, we asked our Elite Athlete and Community Manager (and gravel pro!) Yuri Hauswald to share some of his favorite nutrition tips.

A nutrition plan for a race like Unbound Gravel can take many forms and use many different products (liquids, gels, solids, and capsules). The idea is to experiment until you find a nutrition plan that fits your needs. The better prepared you are nutritionally, the better your body will perform and the more fun you’ll have, especially if you’re thinking about tackling a ride over 100 miles.

Here are some of my top tips to get you on the right track.

  • Try to consume anywhere from 200 to 300 calories per hour, in liquid, gel, or solid forms.
  • You know what my liquid secret is? Roctane Energy Drink Mix, created for high-intensity and demanding activity, packs enough electrolytes and carbohydrates to replace a solid/gel form of calories. 
  • When it comes to actual real food, I usually keep it really simple, like Hawaiian buns with peanut butter and jelly, or a Stroopwafel. I typically only use solids like this when I know my event is going to be longer than eight hours.
  • Drink at least one 21 oz bottle per hour, and 1.5 to 2 bottles if it’s over 80 degrees (if you’re a heavy sweater, you need to consume more fluids).
  • If you are prone to cramping, and it’s going to be hot, begin by taking two Electrolyte Capsules and carry some with you. I like to carry mine in an empty Hydration Tab container because of the flip top and ease of storing. I usually carry two tubes, one full of BCAA Capsules and one full of Electrolyte Capsules.
  • I’m a Roctane Energy Gel guy through and through. The added BCAAs are an integral part of my nutritional success. This means that I typically take a Roctane Gel 5 to 10 minutes before the start of an event and continue with one every 20 to 30 min, depending on the intensity of the effort and the duration. I ALWAYS follow it with a few sips of water. 
  • Speaking of Gels, I like to store at least one Gel in the cuff of my shorts at all times. Not only is it a visual reminder to eat, but it warms it up, too, which makes it smoother and easier to eat.

You can have all the fitness in the world, but if you don’t fuel properly, you won’t perform to the best of your abilities. It’s crucial to your success to begin testing your fueling plan and trying out different combinations of gels, liquids, and solids. The more fuel in the tank, the farther you will go. Happy trails!
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