Mirinda Carfrae: the Intersection of Heart and Science

“Honestly I have no idea how I got that done.” That’s what Mirinda Carfrae told Mike Reilly and the rest of the crowd after her spectacular comeback victory at the 2014 Ironman World Championships. She was a whopping 14 minutes behind eventual second place finisher Daniela Ryf (Start a stopwatch and imagine how discouraging it would be to spot someone 14 minutes in a marathon…then imagine you just biked 112 miles in brutal headwinds…and swam 2.4 miles in turbulent ocean water).

Rinny may not know how she got it done, but we have a pretty good idea: with a little bit of science and a lotta bit of heart.  After her historic day Rinny told us “It’s simple, I do what I love every day. Nutrition is a massive part of training and racing. I prepared for Kona, nailed my nutrition and something magical happened.” While we couldn’t be more pleased that she validated our product, “love” is the key word. It is a fantastic lesson for all of us who dabble in endurance athletics, no matter how competitive we are. Training is important. Nutrition is important. But let’s take it from Rinny, and above all, love what we do every day.

The GU Crew celebrating Rinny’s win in Kona


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