max king running


Max likes to do a little bit of everything. That’s what makes his approach to running unique. With a background in track and road running, he’s transferred much of what he’s learned to the trails, and he excels in short distance trail races, ultra-marathons, and mountain running. With a continued presence in short distance events like cross country, he loves the sport of the running no matter what distance, surface, or level of competition.

Do you eat any unusual foods as a part of your training, or eat an unusual quantity of food?

I eat a lot of nuts. All kinds. I’ve been trying to work on my fat metabolism for a long time so instead of changing my entire diet, I’ve exchanged the high carb snacks I used to eat with more calorie dense, fat and protein rich nuts and seeds. This has changed my fat metabolism levels from zero to a normal amount for an athlete.

How do you ensure you get enough water when training hard or in competition, especially in high heat?

Water just doesn’t do it. I can’t drink very much water, but I also don’t want to drink a lot of sugary drinks either, so the GU Electrolyte Tabs have been awesome. It helps with water retention by balancing electrolytes and it tastes good so I can drink a lot without getting in a bunch of sugar.

What role does caffeine play in your nutrition, when, how much, any special coffee or caffeinated drink concoction?

I used to not do caffeine or coffee, but since starting to work at a running store with coffee runs being the norm, I’ve started drinking it almost everyday, and way too often. I definitely use it during competition in the form of Roctane Energy Gels, and it seems to help with just being more alert and focused on whats going on with my body during an ultra.

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