We feed the need to move

A lifetime of sport and adventure gives us perspective.

We appreciate that movement can make us feel alive, healthy, and connected. We know that physical activity has a positive impact on our health and calms our minds. We acknowledge that movement is a privilege, and we feel grateful.

We need movement now more than ever.


Magda Boulet & Brian Vaughan

We thrive on the opportunity to be with our community during training and at races. These gatherings give us inspiration and validate our purpose. Our passion is fueling you at aid stations, cheering your strength during races, and celebrating with you at the finish line.


cycling in Tahoe

For over 27 years we’ve been supporting athletes as they’ve worked hard to achieve their goals, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. We’re excited to share this knowledge and experience so that others can pursue their athletic goals.


Brian Vaughan, Chief Endurance Officer


Photos: Runner on a hill in California by Andy Cochran | The finish line of the 2019 Leadville Trail 100 MTB featuring Magda Boulet and Brian Vaughan by Myke Hermsmeyer | Mountain biker on the Flume Trail above Lake Tahoe by Myke Hermsmeyer 

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