We Joined 1% for the Planet

We Joined 1% for the Planet

GU Energy Labs, driven by its vision of doing well to do good, is proud to join 1% for the Planet, making the commitment to donate 1% of its annual revenue to support verified environmental organizations. This commitment is a natural expression of the brand's dedication to people, planet, and prosperity, and is a timely action as 2023 marks GU’s 30th anniversary as a company.

Celia Camargo, Director of Community and Purpose at GU, explains that becoming a 1% for the Planet member is a natural next step in line with GU’s values. “We believe that everyone should have access to physical movement, natural spaces, and wholesome nutrition,” Camargo notes. “When people buy our products, we know that we are helping them fuel their athletic goals. As a growing company, it’s important to us that we don’t grow just to grow, but that we continue to build an enduring, sustainable company that gives back to the planet and the communities we live, work, and play in. Being a member of 1% for the Planet ensures that we give back 1% of our annual revenue through grants, employee volunteering, product donations and more. As Yvon Chouinard has pointed out – there is a lot of talk out there about sustainability, but a commitment to 1% for the Planet can’t be faked, and we like that kind of commitment and accountability!” 

By contributing 1% of their annual sales, thousands of 1% for the Planet members have raised over $450 million to support environmental partners around the globe.

"Currently, only 3% of total philanthropy goes to the environment and only 5% of that comes from businesses. The planet needs bigger support than this, and our growing network of business members are doing vital work to increase giving and support on-the-ground action. We're excited to welcome GU Energy Labs to our global movement," says Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet.

For an environmental partner to join the 1% for the Planet global network, they are vetted based on 1% for the Planet's Eligibility Guidelines, which are aligned with the UN SDG targets.

For GU, this is an exciting opportunity to further support organizations that contribute both to social equity in recreational spaces and to preserving natural spaces that are meaningful to specific communities. Camargo explains, “As members of 1% for the Planet, we’re proud to support environmental partners who take responsibility for the planet and drive positive change. To highlight a few of our partners, we’re proud to support Rising Hearts and Running Industry Diversity Coalition to ensure that BIPOC voices are highlighted and centered in conversation, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Runners for Public Lands, Western States Endurance Run Foundation, and The Conservation Alliance to ensure equitable access and protection of the outdoors, and National Interscholastic Cycling Association and Running for a Better Oakland to ensure youth build a healthy lifestyle, prosperous community, and love and appreciation for the Planet.” 

About GU Energy Labs

GU Energy Labs strives to help athletes to reach their highest potential with products that deliver the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time. Since its founding in 1993, GU has been committed to increasing access to sport for all. To that end, GU Gives – the company’s philanthropic arm that focuses on uplifting underserved and underrepresented communities – supports organizations and initiatives centered around 3 pillars: physical movement, environmental stewardship, and food awareness. Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, GU Energy Labs produces all of its Energy Gels onsite, largely through sustainable solar power. Learn more at www.guenergy.com.

About 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a global organization that exists to ensure our planet and future generations thrive. We act as an accountability partner for businesses supporting environmental partners through annual membership. We make environmental giving easy and effective through partnership advising, impact storytelling and third-party certification.

Started in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, our members have given over $450 million to environmental partners. Today, 1% for the Planet’s global network consists of thousands of businesses and environmental partners working toward a better future. 

Look for our logo to purchase for the planet, learn more and join at onepercentfortheplanet.org.
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