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Max King


Bend, OR


I’m a runner that does just about anything I’m dared to do. I’ve gotten roped into extreme sky races, obstacle course world championships, triathlons, mountain running, 100km World Championship road races, the 3k steeplechase, skimo races, 100 milers, and even a burro race. What will I get roped into next? We’ll see.  


  • World 100km Champion
  • World Mtn Running Champion
  • 4 X Olympic Trials Qualifier (marathon, steeplechase)


I am a 3 X DHC (Dining Hall Classic) Champion of the World (ask me next time you see me why it’s not 4X)


In training I often make up my nutrition plan as I go, in competition, make a plan and stick to your plan. Training is your opportunity to learn how your body works. Take as many variables out as you can in training so that in competition you’re not winging it.