Aevolo Cycling


Aevolo Cycling is a non-profit project managed by former American professional cyclist Mike Creed, built on passion, promise and professionalism. The foundation for the team’s stability lies in the three-year deal funded by a collective donor model rather than the traditional title sponsor model. The 10-strong roster consists of six Americans, two Canadians, one Mexican and one Basque rider. All riders manage school or other educational obligations alongside training and racing. The student-athlete approach emphasizes a commitment to intellectual curiosity and broader human development that far outlasts an athletic career.


  •  2017 US U23 cyclocross champion (Lance Haidet) and silver medalist (Gage Hecht).
  • 2016 Tour de l’Abititi stage 2 victory (Tyler Stites).

2018 GOALS

What the team hopes to achieve this year goes beyond a quantifiable measure of success, as a result. DS Mike Creed wants to have the feeling that Aevolo Cycling belongs – from other teams, from riders, from directors. If there’s the sense that Aevolo is a team worth going to, an attractive team for other riders, and that people know it runs a good program, that will be defined as a successful first season.


Most enthusiastic about the team now, when the team first talked to Mike Creed about being a part of the team, he told them they were wasting their time, that he definitely wasn’t going to come back (since he left pro cycling on very bitter terms). He and his dog Charlie are now the best ambassadors for the team.

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