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Take the TerraCycle Pledge

Join us in saying #NotTodayLandfill

Did you know that all sports nutrition can be upcycled?

We've partnered with TerraCycle™ to keep sports nutrition out of the landfill.

✔ Any Single Serve Sports Nutrition Wrapper

✔ Any Brand (Not Just GU)

2020 marks our 5-year anniversary with TerraCycle. This partnership has diverted over 1.3 million sports nutrition wrappers (6,188 pounds) from the landfill. That’s enough to make 15 large recycled playgrounds!

But, we need your help – our goal is to surpass the 2 million wrapper milestone this year!

Join Us!


from packets, to pellets, to playgrounds

The flexible film packaging is shredded and pelletized to prepare for further processing. The plastic pellets are then used by manufacturers to make new products such as reusable shipping pallets, picnic tables, park benches, bike racks and playgrounds.

Let's Get to 2 million

In 2020, all of our over 50 event partners have taken a significant step towards diverting even more waste by pledging to collect and recycle all wrappers used during races. We are thrilled that our partners are joining in our commitment to keep waste out of the landfill.

Take the TerraCycle Pledge


Event Pledge

Read and download the full TerraCycle Pledge below.

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