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The Performance Lab


The Performance Lab is where we research the effects of nutrition and training on the body and where we innovate and development new products for athletes. Here at GU, we are motivated by a desire to help athletes get the most out of their bodies over months and years of training. Afterall, innovation, athleticism, and longevity are three of our core values.

Inside the Performance Lab, we test our athletes’ metabolism and blood biochemistry, monitor training status and fatigue, track sleep and diet, even measure cognitive performance. While the equipment that makes up our lab has a physical home in our headquarters in Berkeley, we like to think that our lab exists anywhere in the world where our athletes are out there pushing their limits.

Whether on a track or trail, on the field or on a mountain, we go wherever the research takes us to get our questions answered.

Our Mission

Through scientific inquiry, we seek to better understand human nutrition and how it influences athletic performance, recovery, and longevity. Additionally, we aim to:

• Test new and existing GU and ROCTANE products both in the lab and in real world settings
• Optimize nutrition and training protocols to facilitate breakthrough performances
• Support our athletes with special projects and case studies that present unique nutritional challenges
• Synthesize the results of our research and share them with our community so we can all perform better

Our Motivation

At GU, we are a company of athletes, adventurers, and weekend warriors. We are passionate about fueling human movement and want to produce the best nutrition products that empower people to live active lifestyles. Curiosity led to the innovation of the first GU Energy Gel, and it continues to drive our innovation process. By studying nutrition and human physiology, we can create better products to support our athlete community.

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Roxanne is our in-house nutrition expert. In her free time, she's an avid mountaineer and likes to get to the top of really tall mountains!

Have a question about nutrition and fueling as an athlete? Check out our "Ask the GUru" page, where our in-house sports nutritionist has answered frequently asked questions about diet and nutrition for athletes. If your question isn't covered, you can submit it in the form at the bottom of the page.

Ask the guru


We partnered with the performance lab at a local university to dive into the key topics related to endurance training and training adaptations to answer the question "why do we make our bodies hurt?"