Victor, ID


Jay is a pioneer in the world of doing crazy things on bikes. He was a long-distance bikepacker and fat biker for years before it was trendy. For almost two decades he’s been doing events like the Tour Divide (2800 miles off-road through the Rockies), the Iditarod Trail Invitational (1000 miles across Alaska in February), and other multi-week endeavors that take planning, practice, mental fortitude, and physical strength.

On the bike is his happy place. It’s where he gets his best ideas, clears his head, and has fun (even when pushing a fully-loaded fat bike for thirty miles in the snow…)

Jay loves getting his systems dialed, experimenting with gear, seeking out extreme challenges to overcome, and passing on what he’s learned to his fellow cyclists. He’s also a race director and stays involved in his local cycling community.


8 time Iditarod Trail Invitational finisher (previous winner and record setter)
5 time Tour Divide finisher (previous winner and record setter)
16′ Italy Divide winner
More finishes and wins in multiday backpacking events then anybody
Advocate for fat bike riding on snow
Consultant to help shape and build bike packing events

2017 Goals

Jay has another big year of racing miles ahead. He’s chasing down some of the same events, like the Iditarod, Dirty Kanza, the Tour Divide, and the Italy Divide. New for this year is an event called the Transcontinental Race, where he’ll race from Belgium to Greece with no set route, only checkpoints to hit. This means route creation, border-crossing, and language barriers. In other words, a whole new challenge.

Fun Fact

Jay is from New Jersey, the land of GTL (gym-tan-laundry) and wore a muscle shirt hanging drywall for many, many years before he became a professional cyclist.

Favorite GU Product

  • Chocolate Coconut Roctane Energy Gel
  • Grape Roctane Energy Drink Mix

Nutrition Tips

For my winter Backyard events we put the GU Energy gels in hot water to make them soft and the participants loved them!