Olympian, Elite Ultrarunner, and GU Innovation Leader Magda Boulet has done a lot of inspiring things. Like, an insane number of inspiring things. She represented the United States in the Olympics — where she endured tragedy and came back stronger. She won the Western States 100. She was named Ultrarunner of the Year.  And most recently, she […]

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Myke Hermsmeyer 2016 Hardrock 100 Jeff Browning Photos for Matt Trappe's "The Double" Release Social Media Promotion. @mykehphoto / /

Two Races, 200 Miles, 19-Days Apart

“The Double” Watch as Jeff Browning takes on two of the most challenging 100-milers in the US… only 19 days apart. Staring Jeff Browning Produced and Directed by Matt Trappe From the heat, speed and competition at the Western States Endurance Run to the high altitude, steep climbs and torrential weather of the Hardrock Hundred […]

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PINNACLE PODCAST: Kim Chambers the Marathon Swimmer

The Marathon Swimmer Kim Chambers an inspiring woman taking on amazing challenges — and swimming mind-boggling distances. In this interview, Yuri and Fatty talk with Kim about her latest quest: to be the first woman to swim from Sacramento to San Francisco. It’s a can’t miss two-interview podcast, with Kim sharing her insights both before and after the […]

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Reba - Profile2

PINNACLE PODCAST: Place Matters More than Placing with Rebecca Rusch

“The Queen of Pain” It’s been a busy year for Rebecca Rusch (aka “The Queen of Pain”): racing in Italy, riding and making a documentary in Vietnam, as well as putting on her own signature cycling event. And — most recently — she and her husband Greg did a multi-stage mountain bike race in Iceland. Learn […]

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Toiyabe Crest Trail Part 2: Connecting the Dots

Post and photos by Yuri Hauswald, Community Development Manager Click here to read Part 1: Amnesia Will Make You Do Funny Things Sunrise on Ophir Summit, where the Toiyabe Crest Trail begins, was simply magical. Not a breath of wind to disturb the eerie silence, the world precipitously dropping off the back of the Toiyabe […]

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Geared up (1 of 1)

Pinnacle Podcast – Episode 1: Rob Krar Rides a Mountain Bike

 Endurance Runner Turned (Temporarily) Endurance Rider Rob Krar is a top pro endurance runner (two-time Western States 100 winner) who found himself injured in 2016. Rather than going full couch-potato, he got on his bike and signed up for his first race on wheels: the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race — a race he has run […]

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Toiyabe Crest Trail Part 1: Amnesia Will Make You Do Funny Things

Post and photos by Yuri Hauswald, Community Development Manager The moon’s haunting, silver glow illuminated the hillside in front of us, allowing me to conserve the light I’d brought for a worst case scenario, which is exactly what this adventure was turning out to be. Since my Garmin had died hours ago, we weren’t sure […]

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Day 3 for Gu (24 of 71)

TransRockies 2016 – Stories from the Trail

All photos by Myke Hermsmeyer Post by Brian Gillis, Marketing Communications Manager for GU Energy Labs One year ago, I happened to be in Leadville, CO for work.  After a morning run cut short by my inability to breath at 10,000 ft., I came across what I would learn was the Stage 3 start-line of […]

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TransRockies Day 2 for Gu (Myke Hermsmeyer) (104 of 127)

TransRockies Day 2 – Teamwork and Nutrition

Day 2 of the 2016 TransRockies took runners over Hope Pass at 12,508 ft, the highest point along the 6-day course. The first runners to make it up the pass were the trio of David Laney, Ryan Ghelfi, and Max King. David and Ryan held onto their overall lead with another stage win while Max King did […]

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TransRockies Day 1 – Trashy and Classy

David Laney and Ryan Ghelfi during Stage 1 Photos by Myke Hermsmeyer Each evening, as the 550 runner participating in the TransRockies Run gather around to celebrate the day’s performances and learn about the trail they’ll be covering tomorrow, the MC also celebrates two “Mountain Heroes” for the day… a man and a woman who […]

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The TransRockies Experience

Photos by Myke Hermsmeyer The GU Crew is taking on the Rocky Mountains this week at the 10th Annual TransRockies Run and the GU Run 3. Over the next six days, 550 runners from around the world will make their way from Buena Vista, CO to Beaver Creek, CO in a stage race that averages 20 […]

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There’s More Than One Way to Stroop a Waffle

Our friends at The Cyclist’s Menu* in Boulder, CO showed us that there’s more than one way to enjoy our new Energy Stroopwafels. While we think they taste plenty good on their own, these recipes definitely take things to a new level. Check them out, try them for yourself, and let us know what you […]

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