Eight Days, 750 Miles

The Tour of California is a grueling eight-day stage race that attracts many of the top pro cycling teams from around the world.  Although we like to think we are pretty good cyclists here at GU Energy Labs, we haven’t yet been recruited by BMC or Team Sky to join their ranks. But, just because […]

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GU Cakes from the Athlete’s Kitchen

Welcome to the first installment of Watt’s Cookin’ by the Rad Scientist We think our Hydration, Energy, & Recovery products are great… but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to spice them up every once-in-a-while!  Did someone say pancakes? Here’s how you can make delicious pancakes using our Vanilla Cream or Chocolate Smoothie Recovery Drink Mix […]

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Whats Your Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Planning 101

Download Marathon Nutrition Planner Download Half-Marathon Nutrition Planner Planning what to eat during a race can be overwhelming. With so many variables, it’s hard to determine what the “right” answer is for you. When deciding what to eat and drink, we think it’s helpful to break it down by looking at the nutrients your body […]

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Made in Berkeley

Made in Berkeley, CA

Many people don’t know that GU Energy Gels are produced right here at our headquarters in Berkeley. Having our production on site makes it easy for us to develop and innovate our Energy Gels, which means more flavor variety and better products for our athletes.      

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New Flavors for April

New Flavors for April

Sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win a box! For years, we’ve been asked by athletes to create Energy Gel flavors that taste more like the food we eat when we’re not training. After all, we know what it’s like to get an intense craving during a long training session – sometimes you […]

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Gu Energy Labs Stock Photo from Myke Hermsmeyer. Coach Sean Meisner at 2015 Mountain Pulse Tahoe Running Camp. Photo: Myke Hermsmeyer / @mykehphoto /

Soaked on the outside? Don’t forget to soak your insides.

Photo Credit Myke Hermsmeyer – Tahoe Rim Trail Spring 2015 This is the time of year when runners and cyclists alike yearn for those warm spring days that feel like they’re just around the corner. The novelty of wearing that new foul weather gear your mom gave you for Christmas wore off back when you […]

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What is Roctane?

Roctane is GU to a higher power. Roctane products are created for your most extreme efforts or long-duration activities. In order to perform at your highest potential, you need a boosted supply of certain essential nutrients that’s both portable and easy to digest. What’s the difference?  The biggest difference between Roctane Energy Gels and normal […]

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2015 Lake Sonoma 50

Win an Entry to the Lake Sonoma 50

UPDATE: Congratulations to Matt Cegelske, the winner of our Lake Sonoma 50 giveaway. From Virginia to California, Matt’s passion for running and his commitment to his goals inspired us to pick him as our winner. We can’t wait to cheer him on when he tackles his first 50 miler! We were overwhelmed with the responses we […]

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Win an Entry to the Big Sur Marathon

The Big Sur Marathon is arguably one of the most beautiful marathons in the country. With endless views of the Pacific Ocean and its striking coastline, the event attracts runners from all over the world. Because of its popularity, runners must enter a drawing to earn a spot on the start-line. However, as the nutrition sponsor of […]

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Local Support Goes a Long Way

Guest post by Caitlin Trahan, Product Development Scientist at GU Energy Labs and Volunteer Coach for the Oakland Composite High School Mountain Bike Team If you’re every looking for a way to boost your motivation and get inspired to tackle a season of training, I’d suggest you check out what the kids with the National Interscholastic Cycling […]

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Get Up & Get Out

The alarm goes off.  It’s time for your pre-work training session.  But before you can think about which shoes lace up or how many layers you need, you’re thinking about one thing… Coffee! For many of us, the promise of steaming hot cup might be the only thing that gets us out from under those […]

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GU goes Big

GU is going BIG

Recently, it seems like everything’s been getting bigger. Fat bike tires, powder skis, running shoe soles, race distances… So, we thought you needed something a little bigger to fuel your adventures! Actually, the real story behind our new 15-Serving Energy Gel and Flask is a bit longer. Here at GU Energy Labs, our number one […]

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