Catalyzing Grief Into Good – Pinnacle Podcast

 Catalyzing Grief Into Good with Pablove Across America An Interview with Jeff Castelaz When Jeff and JoAnn’s son Pablo was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer, they took to the blogosphere to keep loved ones up-to-date on Pablo’s progress. Their “happily ever after” didn’t come: Pablo passed away six days after his sixth […]

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And the Winning Flavor Is…

Cola-Me-Happy Thanks to everyone who voted in our Choose Your GU campaign. It was a close race, but ultimately Cola-Me-Happy prevailed, earning nearly 30% of the vote. Here’s the final vote breakdown: Cola-Me-Happy = 29% Campfire S’mores = 24% Pina GU-Lada = 22% Strawberry Basil Lemonade = 15% Carrot Cake = 10% Now it’s time […]

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PINNACLE PODCAST – Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae

Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae has podiumed during seven of her eight attempts at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, placing second at this year’s race in October.  She’s an Australian living in Boulder, CO, which is where our hosts Yuri and Fatty caught up with her following her return after a much-deserved vacation. They covered topics like post-race recovery, bucket […]

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Make A Half-Marathon Nutrition Plan

GU Energy Labs is proud to support the Berkeley Half Marathon.  (After all, our headquarters are located right on the course!) Here are some tips for making sure you’re giving your body what it needs to perform at its best on race day.   Planning what to eat during a race can be overwhelming. With […]

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PINNACLE PODCAST: Two More to Go Until 300 Marathons

Carol Dellinger has been a competitive athlete her entire life. She played professional fast pitch softball until trading in her softball glove for a pair of running shoes in 1992, Over the next 17 years, she completed 235 marathons. Yup, you read that right, 235 marathons. But arguably her toughest “competition” to date was when she […]

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Pumpkin Ginger Recovery Smoothie

Optimizing Your Recovery After Exercise Is All About Proper Nutrition So what actually happens in your body when you exercise?  A whole lot of stress – particularly to your muscle tissue and bone. In order to experience the benefits of this stress, your tissue and bone need to be repaired. In fact, most of your body’s adaptations (aka the […]

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UTMB 2016

Racing – and Podiuming – the UTMB

Tim Tollefson is fast. Like, REALLY fast. He’s been a college steeplechaser, a road marathoner, an Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon… and most recently, he’s an ultra-trail runner. In addition to being the 2014 U.S. 50k Trail Champion, he just podiumed in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc — the world’s most prestigious trail century. […]

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Help Us Create Our Next Flavor

The nomination period has ended! If you didn’t submit a flavor, don’t worry, you’ll still have a chance to help us choose our next flavor by voting for one of our five finalist.  We’ll open the election on Nov. 7th. Stay tuned!

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Olympian, Elite Ultrarunner, and GU Innovation Leader Magda Boulet has done a lot of inspiring things. Like, an insane number of inspiring things. She represented the United States in the Olympics — where she endured tragedy and came back stronger. She won the Western States 100. She was named Ultrarunner of the Year.  And most recently, she […]

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Myke Hermsmeyer 2016 Hardrock 100 Jeff Browning Photos for Matt Trappe's "The Double" Release Social Media Promotion. @mykehphoto / mykejh.com / michael.hermsmeyer@gmail.com

Two Races, 200 Miles, 19-Days Apart

“The Double” Watch as Jeff Browning takes on two of the most challenging 100-milers in the US… only 19 days apart. Staring Jeff Browning Produced and Directed by Matt Trappe From the heat, speed and competition at the Western States Endurance Run to the high altitude, steep climbs and torrential weather of the Hardrock Hundred […]

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PINNACLE PODCAST: Kim Chambers the Marathon Swimmer

The Marathon Swimmer Kim Chambers an inspiring woman taking on amazing challenges — and swimming mind-boggling distances. In this interview, Yuri and Fatty talk with Kim about her latest quest: to be the first woman to swim from Sacramento to San Francisco. It’s a can’t miss two-interview podcast, with Kim sharing her insights both before and after the […]

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PINNACLE PODCAST: Place Matters More than Placing with Rebecca Rusch

“The Queen of Pain” It’s been a busy year for Rebecca Rusch (aka “The Queen of Pain”): racing in Italy, riding and making a documentary in Vietnam, as well as putting on her own signature cycling event. And — most recently — she and her husband Greg did a multi-stage mountain bike race in Iceland. Learn […]

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