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ABCs of Sports Nutrition

ABCs of Sports Nutrition

Eleven Ways To Feed Your Body & Mind

We’re excited to announce a weekly series to chat about the basics of sports nutrition and more!

We created this series for anyone who moves, and we'll be talking through the basics of fueling during exercise while dropping some pro tips to help you optimize your nutrition plan. We'll be joined by some special guests along the way to help us cover a variety of topics ranging from “Fueling Family Outings” to “Mindfulness and Meditation”. 


Check out the full schedule below and join us every Thursday at 4:00 PM PT:

  • Week 1 – 8/13: Nutrition Without a Race
  • Week 2 – 8/20: The Good Carbs
  • Week 3 – 8/27: Hydration – Need A Drink?
  • Week 4 – 9/3: Flavors Make You Fast
  • Week 5 – 9/10: Sports Supplements To Support Immunity (New Date!)
  • Week 6 – 9/17: Mindfulness and Meditation with Bruckner (New Date!)
  • Week 7 – 9/24: Five GU Pro Tips to Go Fast
  • Week 8 – 10/1: Fueling Family Outings and Team sports
  • Week 9 – 10/8: Recovery Nutrition, Why Bother?
  • Week 10 – 10/15: Cooking with Magda
  • Week 11 – 10/22: Eating Before & After Exercise

From the Archive

Week 1: Nutrition & Training During Shelter-In-Place with Rinny Carfrae and Alison Tetrick (WATCH REPLAY)

Week 2: The Good Carbs with Jeff Browning, Dr. Greg Grosicki, and Sonya Looney (WATCH REPLAY)

Week 3: Need A Drink? with Erin Huck and Corrine Malcolm (WATCH REPLAY)

Week 4: Flavors Make You Fast with Karen Jarkow, Max Kinx, Jen Malik, and Nikki Peterson (WATCH REPLAY)

Week 5: Sports Supplements to Support Immunity with Gregory Grosicki, Ph.D. CEP & Jonathan Levitt (WATCH REPLAY)