The Power of Energy Chews for Running | GU Energy Labs

The Power of Energy Chews for Running | GU Energy Labs

The Power of Energy Chews for Running Performance 

Energy Chews are the perfect way to mix up your fueling routine during runs. We tapped our in-house nutritionist for information about how Energy Chews can help boost your performance.

What are Energy Chews? 

Energy Chews are made to provide athletes with a quick and efficient energy source. Containing primarily carbohydrates, Energy Chews are a great addition to your fuel routine, offering a quick energy solution that's easy to digest and convenient for those on the move.

Carbohydrates: The Runner’s Fuel 

Carbohydrates are crucial for runners as they are the primary fuel source during both short, intense runs and longer endurance training sessions. By absorbing quickly into your bloodstream, Energy Chews can help maintain your blood glucose levels, preventing the highs and lows that can impact your performance and focus.

Benefits of Energy Chews for Runners 

"Energy Chews provide a tasty, portable, bite-sized burst of energy that will fuel any type of run. They’re a perfect pick-me-up when you need a little something to keep the momentum going." – Roxanne Vogel, MS, GU Nutrition & Performance Research Manager

Immediate and Sustained Energy 

One of the main benefits of Energy Chews is their ability to provide both immediate and sustained energy. This is important during runs when your body’s carbohydrate stores are depleted. With each serving of Energy Chews, you get an efficient, prolonged energy supply in a mouthwatering bite-sized format.

Portability and Convenience 

Energy Chews are incredibly portable, making them a convenient option for runners who stuff their nutrition into pockets and hydration packs. Energy Chews are effortlessly accessible and can be consumed without breaking stride, making them a perfect fit for both training sessions and races.

Tailored Intake 

Unlike other energy options, Energy Chews allow you to tailor your intake based on your specific energy needs and the duration of your run. Each packet of Energy Chews contains two servings. A runner can choose to consume a couple of Chews each mile or have a full serving all at once like you would do with an Energy Gel. This customization helps avoid the gastrointestinal discomfort that can come from consuming too much at once, while also ensuring your energy levels don’t dip.

Usage Scenarios 

Energy Chews are incredibly versatile, suitable for a wide range of workouts. They are particularly beneficial during long-distance events where maintaining a consistent energy supply is crucial. Runners can start with a serving of Chews before heading out the door and continue replenishing with a serving every 20-30 minutes to support endurance and keep fatigue at bay. Remember to hydrate along the way for best results.

Advanced Formulation 

Our Energy Chews contain a balanced mix of carbohydrates for quick energy and longer-lasting fuel. They also contain amino acids (BCAAs) to help protect against exercise induced muscle damage and soreness. The inclusion of electrolytes can help sustain hydration and electrolyte balance, which is vital during prolonged or intense exercise.

Choosing the Best Energy Chews for Running 

If you’ve never tried Energy Chews, we recommend a Mixed Box of various Energy Chew flavor options to see which flavors you prefer!

Incorporating Energy Chews into Your Running Routine 

Using Energy Chews as part of your running routine can make a significant difference in your training and race day performance. For the best results, consume a packet of GU Energy Chews about 5-15 minutes before your run to allow your body to start metabolizing the carbohydrates. Continue to fuel with a serving every 45 minutes during your runs.

Enhancing Training and Race Day Performance 

Energy Chews help provide a reliable source of energy that helps to maintain your performance and keep fatigue at bay, allowing you to push harder for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How many Energy Chews should I eat before a run?

A: It varies based on individual energy needs and the duration of the run, but starting with a serving (half a pack) of Chews 5-15 minutes before running is a good place to start.

Q: Can Energy Chews replace other forms of energy during runs?

A: A serving of Energy Chews equates to one Energy Gel. You can substitute Gels with Chews or alternate to keep things interesting!

Q: How do Energy Chews help with hydration during a run?

A: While Energy Chews primarily provide carbohydrates for fuel, consuming them with water helps facilitate hydration by encouraging regular fluid intake and helping the body absorb the carbohydrates better. Each serving also contains electrolytes that aid in hydration and fluid balance.


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